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These Are All The Beauty Tips You’ll Be Needing This Harmattan

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 18, 2018


Dry and ashy is never a good look, but unfortunately, that’s what the Harmattan – as much as we love it – brings with it.

Luckily, there are proven ways to combat this ashiness and have your skin looking its best during this season, and we’re sharing them below. So, grab a chair, and read on for tips on how to get your glow on.

Moisturize like your life depends on it!

And we’re not talking about just slathering coconut oil all over your skin. While coconut oil may work as a moisturiser for some people, for most others, it works better as a sealant. Meaning, your skin needs to already be moisturised before you put on the oil to help seal and protect the moisture.

So invest in quality moisturisers like the Vaseline Intensive Care range. Your skin will thank you for it.

Stay hydrated!

Always make sure you have a bottle of water with you, not for props but to ACTUALLY drink from it at intervals.

A good lip balm is your best friend!

Good thing is, they’re not even that expensive. Save yourself from the pain of cracked lips this season by arming yourself with one. Apply it before you sleep, when you wake up in the morning and just as often as possible. Use generously, and don’t wait until your lips are dry to reapply.

Take care of your feet!

Whatever that means for you – it could be getting a pedicure from a professional at a salon, or investing in a pumice stone to exfoliate your feet and get rid of dead skin every time you take a bath. But be sure that your feet are properly taken care of, and moisturise with a foot balm or shea butter to prevent or heal cracked feet. You might also want to wear socks to bed or when you’re just lounging at home.

Cover up!

This is not the best time to wear your tank tops or other clothes that expose a good part of your skin. Wearing warm clothes are essential to help you stay moisturised, so whip out your cute sweaters and jackets while the weather is still layering-friendly.




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