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#TheOtherRoom: There Is No Bigger Scum Than I And I’m Not A Man

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at January 14, 2019


They say men are scum and I laugh at them because they have no idea. Should I tell them? Well, let me try.

I met Musa in a faraway land. It was on one of my visits to the north to see my father. It wasn’t love at first, second or even last sight. It was never love. It was lust and I was lost.

I had gone to my favorite spot to buy suya. It was a big place and Ahmed had all kinds of people coming to patronize him. I don’t think it’s just because he has a beautiful way of smiling and making you feel at ease no matter how long the queue is. It must be the way his suya tastes like all your favorite meals at once.

I was in the middle of a conversation with him about how I’m only fit to be the bride of the richest man in Kano when he drove in, Musa. Not taking any special notice of the black SUV that just parked, I kept grinning from ear to ear and telling Ahmed not to flatter me so much when Musa approached us. His tall frame looked very dashing in a black jalamia and I immediately decided I was going to fuck the hell out of that tall glass of chocolate no matter what it takes.

Ahmed who apparently knew him quickly remarked Musa was the sort of man I was fit for. I had no doubt. He wasn’t just hot, he was friendly. He chuckled, introduced himself and we got along like we hadn’t just met.

We would meet frequently there after that day to eat suya and chat. It was on one of those meetings that he told me about her but it even made me want him more.

I met her for the first time on a Friday night, in a home dinner they invited me to. He introduced me as his new PA at work and she was only too eager to welcome me. After we were done eating the well-prepared tuwo shinkafa, she wouldn’t let me go. She gushed about my hair, my body and how great I looked. She told me she had no friends, she was glad I was working with her husband and made me swear I’d come more often. Well, I did come more often. Perhaps more often than I should.

The first time I and her husband did it, it was to me like my whole being was on fire. The fire began from my lips where he began with wet raunchy kisses to my vagina which he ate like he no plans to leave any left over. All these happened under the nose of my now friend, his wife. She wasn’t just naive, she was nativity. He told me she was betrothed to him at 13 and he was her first.

We had gone upstairs in the guise of finishing some paperwork and she was downstairs making us dinner. He had me lie on my back with my legs slightly parted and he began to worship my body, for that was how it felt. I swear what he did to me was better than what the guys in Pornhub did to the white women.

His hands went everywhere but where I wanted them to go the most; inbetween my legs. He stroked my breasts and sucked on my nipples like they were some juicy fruits and he hadn’t eaten in days. He ran his hands down my sides, my thighs, everywhere but there and he paid attention to all of me. He even gave my navel little kisses and tongue action that was pure ecstasy. He taunted me. He wouldn’t let me touch him nor touch me where I needed him to the most.

Just when I was about to go crazy and hit the road, he slid two fingers in while his thumb stroked my clit. I trembled. Next, he was inside me, the whole 6 inches thick perfection. He asked if he could go ahead and I nodded, too shaken to utter a word. That was when he began to ram into me. It was like it was a different person from the gentleman who had just asked me if he should go ahead. It was like I was being fucked by an angry Dwayne Johnson who was bent on leaving my vagina destroyed afterwards. You know what prepares you for your first multiple orgasms? Nothing!

There was a knock on the door followed by his wife saying dinner was ready and it drove us crazier. It was very arousing that his wife was right at the door while he rode me. He told her we’d be down in no time without even stopping for a minute. After he shot his warm load inside me and rolled over to the other side of the bed, I was surprised I hadn’t lost my ability to walk.

Weeks later, his wife sent me a text message saying she suspects her husband is cheating and asked me what she should do. I promised her I’d talk to him.

They say men are scum and I laugh at them because they have no idea. There is no bigger scum than I and I’m not a man.

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