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#TheOtherRoom: How To Go From Side Piece To Wifey

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 15, 2018


There comes a time in everybody’s life when we want that one thing that is not good for us. ‘This is totally wrong’, ‘You deserve better’, ‘What is yours will find you’, ‘You are doing yourself more harm than good’, ‘You should know better,’ ‘You have low self-esteem’, they’d say to you but don’t we only live once? Say to yourself, ‘I’ll do what makes me happy. If I perish, I perish’. Say it again, more convincingly this time. Loud it sis!

Truth is, however, if you want a married man to leave his wife for you, you are evil. After he does, he may still leave you for another woman. It is totally wrong, you deserve better, you are doing yourself more harm than good, you should know better, and girl, you most probably have low esteem. Since you are still reading, I guess you insist you want you another woman’s man. In that case, let me give you what you came for.

Here are 10 ways to go from sneaking around with him to sharing his surname. If you do as I say, you will go from being the other woman to being the woman.

Fuck Him Like Your Life Depends On It

 It’s not rocket science that men love sex. Even nuns know this. They are almost always in the mood. Sometimes it seems they are horny 24hrs, 7 days. Since they like sex so much, when it’s really good, they can do anything for it. Well, not anything but you get my point, no?

Be the boss of everything Kamasutra. Give it to him like he has never had it. It’s true that sex is not everything but I tell you, girl, it’s something. It is a lot.

Roleplay, oral, anal or whatever, drive him crazy. Make it different everytime. Give it your all beautiful.

Don’t Ask Him For Money Or Accept When He Gives

 Before you freak out and wonder what’s wrong with me, know this; we have our eyes on a bigger goal. Act like it. Why settle for food crumbs when you can have the whole meal? If you demand for money or accept what he ‘freely’ offers you, he thinks he is paying you for your time, the sex and everything you do for him. When you reject it, it messes with his mind. This will be very new to him. It’s unlike other women he might have been with. He thinks, ‘What does she want?’. He’ll find out in time.

Give Him Peace Of Mind

Marriage comes with a lot of troubles and stress. It’s only natural because unlike when you are single and thinking only for yourself, you are thinking for a whole squad now. He’s thinking now of paying rent, of money for housekeep, of hospital bills, of being available for his wife, of not doing things she complains of, among others.

When he’s with you, make it pure bliss. Ask him how he’s doing and show sincere concern. Ask questions so you can know the very basic details. He’ll appreciate this. When you go out of your way to ask questions when someone is telling you about themselves, it feels to them that you are truly interested and you aren’t just asking because of courtesy.

Don’t bother him about how your mother is in the village and your step-uncle wants her to leave the house so he and his family can move in. Or about how you want to change your wardrobe and will die if you don’t do it in three days. Don’t add to his problem, make them bearable. Make him happy.

Does he like his feet robbed? Find out what he likes and do it for him. Bonus tip, cook, men love good food. It could be the death of them.

Do What His Wife Isn’t Doing Right

 Why is he cheating on his wife? Stress? Boring sex? Adventure? Find out. You can use this as a weapon. Most times though, the woman has nothing to do with the reason her husband is cheating. She could be doing everything right and he’s still between the legs of another woman. Some men are mean like that.

Anyway, find out what his complaints are about her, if there are any, and do otherwise. Probe him about her when he’s the happiest. The point here is to prove to him that you are the better woman.

Some men, however, play the victim when they cheat. They lie about how horrible their marriage is and how bad their wives are. Be smart. Snoop around. Find out what the truth is. Do not drop your guard.

Look Great

Look so good, he won’t be able to get his eyes and with time, his hands off you. Most times, women get married and drop their guard. They stop bothering about looking as good as they were before they got married.

Go out of your way to look appealing.

Do Not Be Emotionally Needy

A lot of women are emotionally needy. They want to sap all his emotions and affections. It’s like the air they breathe. They want him to call all day, to assure them they are the only woman for him and all others are masquerades, to give them attention, shower them with compliments and always reassure them. It’s like a man affection and love is all the validation they need.

He’ll expect that from you, don’t be it. Be anything but emotionally needy. There’s almost nothing as powerful as this. Men find it sexy as fuck when you change the narrative, when you are different. It makes you in charge and weakens them. They don’t know what the fuck is going on but at the same time, they don’t want it to stop.

When you are different, he can’t dump you. I mean, where will he find another you?

Have Something Going On, A life For Instance

 Okay, I get it that you want this man but that shouldn’t be all your life is about. Be busy. Get a life. Do stuff for yourself. Have something going on that’s not him.

Men love independent women. I mean, women even love them too!

When He Has Gotten Fond Of You, Become Unavailable

So all the tips above is to get you a place in his heart, to convince him that you are good stuff, to make him want to keep you. When he’s hooked you’ll know. If your instincts says it’s, it’s time.

 When this happens, go MIA. Don’t be available for him as you used to be. Miss his calls, cancel dates, reduce the time you spend with him, make it a ‘the more you look, the less you see’ kind of thing for him.

Now that he needs you, you aren’t there. He’ll have to chase. He’ll begin to think of ways to keep you. What better way is there to keep a woman than to marry her? Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

I’m not saying you should cut off the connection with him entirely. Know the difference.

Stop Having Sex With Him

Turn off the plug. It has to stop going down. Being unavailable includes stopping all the under the sheet action. Give him excuses. It will drive him crazy to realise the cookie jar is right in front of him but he can’t have any cookie. It will dawn on him that if he wants it, he has to put a ring on it.

Act Like You Are A Catch And Every Man Wants You

Nobody wants to be with someone they feel like they are doing a favour. Make him feel he’s lucky to have you not the other way round. Works like magic. Fake phone calls, hint that there are men who want to have an affair with you or even want to see your parents, just do everything to make him know he is a lucky man and he should do the needful.

Bonus Tips

When it comes to getting a married woman to leave his wife for you, there’s no guarantee you’ll win. He might make it seem like he is very unhappy with his marriage and you are all he needs but in reality, he worships the ground his wife walks on. He could be riding you like a horse and be cuddling up to her happily at home. Also, a man you can snatch can be snatched by another.

You don’t need this stress and negativity sis. You need your own man.

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