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#TheOtherRoom: 5 Irresistible Places To Touch Him

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at January 23, 2019


‘Do me I do you, God no go vex’, isn’t that what Psquare sang in their song in 2011? They don’t have to be the only ones to do all the work while you lay down expecting to squirt a river. Just like women, men love to be touched, and well too. What’s worth giving is worth receiving. ‘The other room’ affair is a 50:50 business.

A lot of women believe that doing anything that’s not lying shyly in bed and pretending to be naive will give them away. They think that being too expressive will have the men think they are too experienced and ‘too experienced’ is not a good thing to the man especially if you want to be in his good books, if you want to be seen as a ‘wife material’.

True. A lot of men are this backward and I tell you baby girl, they are not the kind you should be intimate with. It’s a major waste of intimacy. That juicy punani should be closed, banged and locked to them.

When you find a woke man who lets you be expressive and free, without judging or thinking it makes you less of who you are, here are parts of his body to touch and how to touch them to reward him for having sense. LOL. It doesn’t only have to be about the eggplant. These are places that’d light the spark under the sheets and quick. Do this to him and moan like a sissy.


The earlobes are very sensitive to stimulation. It’s even more effective when done with the mouth. Lick and nibble his earlobes. By ‘lick’ I don’t mean bring out your entire tongue and lick leaving the poor dude dripping with saliva. You are not rehearsing to play dog in a movie role. Be gentle. Be sexy.

While at it, whisper sweet nothings to him. What you say depends on the kind of relationship you have and what you want what are doing to him to lead to. If you guys have something serious going, tell him how you love him and how he’s the only one for you. Call him pet names too. If you want it to lead to sex, tell him your cat can’t wait to trap his eggplant and do crazy things to him and lines like that. Make it almost a whisper while you work with your tongue. To drive him crazier, add little moans.


Move slowly down to his neck. Plant small kisses, bite lightly and draw patterns with your tongue. Don’t be in a hurry. Take your time. Also, be sensitive to his reaction. That would tell you what to keep doing and what to drop.

Leave no place out, the back of his neck, the nape, the sides, his adam’s apple; everywhere! Run your hands sensually around it, his neck. While at it, you can proceed to his face and beards if he has any. You can also involve his shoulder in the action.

In Usher’s voice, ‘there’s no limit baby’.


 Nipples are super sensitive and men’s are no different.

Don’t go ripping off his clothes and grabbing them titties out. Slowly reach for them, fingers first. There aren’t really any rules when it comes to things like this but I’m using the approach of saving the best for the last. First the fingers and then the lips. Begin by moving your fingers around the nipple before finally arriving at your destination. Rob the nipples slowly and sensually and see as they harden.

It’s time now for mouth action. Lick, suck and bite them as you’d like yours to be treated. While giving a nipple mouth action, give the other hand action. Do not leave any unattended. Nipple stimulation is a huge turn on to men though often neglected.


 The thighs are places you do not want to leave out especially the inner part. The ilioinguinal nerve which provides sensory innervation to the upper portion of the skin of the inner thigh and the root of the penis and upper scrotum in men is located at the top of the inner thigh. In English, the inner thigh is super sensitive to touch because of that nerve.

If you intend to taunt and tease, this is the place for you. Because they are closest to the penis which is obviously the most sensitive, actions there can be very arousal. Draw patterns with your fingers, use your tongue, plant kisses and exhale deeply sending your body heat to him. Be very close to getting to his eggplant and just when you are almost there, change course. Taunt him till he goes crazy. Not real crazy though.

Be careful there though, it can get ticklish.


Touches here can be arousal but men won’t tell you. Well, because a lot of them don’t know. Nobody ever did anything to them there. Time to claim that virginity girl. Time to pop the spine cherry!

The spin is an ‘undiscovered’ and often neglected erogenous zone. In it lies three different nerve systems which build sexual arousal. So go girl, run your fingers sensually through them. Alternate between deep and light kisses and breath deeply. You can extend the favor to the back, the lower back especially.

Remember in Usher’s voice, ‘there’s no limit baby’.

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