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#TheOtherRoom: 10 Dirty Talks That’d Drive Him Crazy

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at January 5, 2019


In or out of bed, these are some of the things to say to him that’d set the mood going really fast.

1. Will all this fit inside?

This is for the first time you are getting introduced to his dick. The question means you think his dick is so big it might not enter. Anything that makes it seem like his eggplant is big is good compliment. It’ll drive him crazy.

2. I want some of that perfection of yours inside of me

By this you are saying his dick is good  and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Way to go!

3. I don’t want to be able to walk after you fuck me hard

Seriously girl, this is hot!

4. It feels like I never had sex till I met you

You’ll have him think of starting a career in the porn industry. Just joking. This will massage his ego real good.

5. Don’t look at me that way. You don’t know what it’s doing to me

You have to say this with all the sexiness of a vixen to give him ideas since you aren’t saying what it is he is doing to you.

6. It’s raining down below for you

You are telling him he’s turning you on. He’ll like to find out how much you are turned on. Is it really raining or just drizzling?

6. My pussy wants to French kiss your dick

No way he won’t hit cloud nine!!!

7. When next I see you, I’m going to show you who the boss is

He’ll want to see you as soon as possible so you’d show him.

8. I’ve been a bad girl. I want you to punish me

He knows this isn’t whips and stones kind of punishment. It has to only be in bed. This will turn any man on.

9. The last time with you was my best time

He’ll think, let’s make more ‘last time’!

10. Eat me. Let there be no leftover


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