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The Richmonds Find Love Again In Love Come Back Episode 5

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at August 31, 2020


Which is more important to you, love or money? Richmond, an entrepreneur from the Eastern part of Nigeria, came to the Love Come Back team to help him get his wife back. It’s another case of borrowed money leading to a breakup.

Raphael met his wife, Ogechi who is a businesswoman, while he was on the road. He approached her while she was on her way to the part. They got to know each other better and Raphael decided that she was the one he wanted. They’ve been married for over four years and have a son together.

He and Ogechi fell out when she lent him some money to invest, but due to the COVID-19 crises, the profits did not come out as quickly as she expected. This was what led to the rift.

Host Ibrahim Suleiman took Raphael to the Love Come back Team and based on what Raphael said Ogechi liked, they came up with a lovely romantic dinner for two on a rooftop. While this was going on, Ogechi was led to believe she had won a photoshoot and a makeover.

When Raphael showed up, Ogechi was very upset. She refused to hear what he had to say and walked out of the room. Ibrahim eventually convinced her to speak to Raphael, who apologised profusely for disappointing her. Raphael then took her to the dinner, which she was pleasantly surprised by. But as the discussions progressed, things got a little tense. She was very hurt by what he did, but after they spoke for a while, and he reassured her that he had changed and he would take care of her, she agreed to come back to him. He then surprised her with a cheque of the money, and they danced the night away.

Love Come Back airs on Sundays at 6:30 PM on DStv Channel 151 for Premium and Compact Plus customers.

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