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The Real Housewives of Lagos are the 1%, but they are every Lagosian; Here’s Why

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at June 28, 2022


The Real Housewives of Lagos gave us everything we asked for, plus more than we even knew we needed on their first season. They have us already sitting at the edge of our seats for season 2. However, before that conversation even begins, we’ll first see the housewives during the two-part reunion on July 1 and 8, 2022.

This season, the women made fans’ mouths all over the continent water at the thought of living their lives. The women are the true definition of the Lagos 1% crowd. With houses based in the state’s most upscale locations, designers adorning every inch of their wardrobe, and the best of cars, they spared no effort in ensuring fans get a glimpse of their extravagant lifestyles. Even though the women are part of Lagos’ 1% with their glam, billionaire club hangout, and private jets, they are still incredibly like the typical Lagosian. Here’s why:

1. They can hustle! The real housewives are all just ‘real hustlers of Lagos’. Each woman has multiple hustles and multiple streams of income. Just like every other Lagosian, they realise that they can only maintain the ‘soft life’ they’ve now come to love by working very hard. And, you are a certified Lagosian if you have to face the traffic we all do, just to look for your daily bread.

2. The Lagos accents: True fans of the show will have caught the numerous accents on the show. Except for Chioma, who spent years in London, it’s safe to say that the other women have the typical ‘Lagos English’ accent. No shades, but we all know that it’s the truth – Lagos elites and even aspiring Lagos big boys and girls all have the very Lagos accent that was the reality on the show.

3. They can package! If there’s one thing real Lagosians like – it’s fashion and looking good. We call it packaging. The women are all fashion lovers, and they approached every episode dressed to the nines. We don’t expect anything less than premium couture at the reunion, and judging by the just-released trailer, we are sure they won’t disappoint.

4. They are independent: You can say a lot about these women, but one thing you can never say is that they don’t have a mind of their own. The real housewives of Lagos are independent women who are never afraid of saying exactly what they think or feel.

5. They like Owambes: Like Banky W said, “ain’t no party like a Lagos party”, and that’s on period! What’s a Lagosian who doesn’t like proper owambes and party Jollof? A fake! These women proved just how much they love to party throughout the season. From product launches, fashion shows, random dinners, themed parties, and birthday turn-ups, this woman used every event as an opportunity to throw on glittery fits and party like no tomorrow.

There’s no doubt that we love The Real Housewives of Lagos, and we just can’t wait to see them during the reunion! Catch the reunion when it drops on Friday, July 1, 2022, exclusively on Showmax. All signs indicate it will be the most exciting Nigerian TV moment of the year.

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