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The Most Dramatic Moments of #BBNaijaReunion Episode 4

Follow @eventlabgh < Episode 4 of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Season 6 Reunion was a rolling stone of Drama. Many...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at June 8, 2022


Episode 4 of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Season 6 Reunion was a rolling stone of Drama. Many of the ex-housemates came prepared to serve us premium entertainment. From Peace’s admittance that she was the gossip in the house to Beatrice and Boma’s war of words, there were no dull moments in the episode.

TV Host Ebuka launched the drama by playing a clip of a time Peace was having conversations with other housemates. He then informed her that she was tagged the “gossip of the house.” In response, Peace said, “if talking to your friend is being a gossip, I guess, I’m a gossip.”

Shortly after Peace’s concession that she “is a gossip”, Boma and Queen engaged in a row. They were arguing about Queen’s advice to Tega, about her hygiene, because of a negative comment Boma made during a game in the house.

During the conflict, Queen said to Boma, “If you have a problem with your brain fix it. Don’t make me talk” while Boma responded with, “You are from the village, you don’t know how to comprehend. You are very local, that’s why you couldn’t understand the question.”

At some point, during the duo’s row, Maria stood up from her seat, which was next to Queen, and sat elsewhere. A silent but loud dramatic move.

Before viewers could ‘drink water and drop cup’, Beatrice came with the highlight of the night and confronted Boma for saying he found her irritating. Another round of war of words ensued. During the drama, Boma became dumbfounded when Beatrice said, “You are actually obsessed, and you were confused about my beauty because you were actually stupid on that show.”

As the drama unfolded, Ebuka refrained from being a judge and focused on stirring the drama, while some of the housemates tried unsuccessfully to keep a straight face.

In our poll on Twitter on which housemate’s gbas gbos hit the hardest, Beatrice emerged as the winner. In 283 votes, she polled 69 percent.

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