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The jets, lavish vacations & more…the extravagant lifestyle of Nigerian ‘Big Boy’, HushPuppi

Follow @eventlabgh < Although the source of his wealth is not fully known, Raymond Hush Puppi, who calls himself the CEO...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at May 6, 2017


Although the source of his wealth is not fully known, Raymond Hush Puppi, who calls himself the CEO of a Lagos Bureau De Change, is giving the expression ‘life in the fab lane’ a whole new meaning. 

From expensive designer-wears to lavish holidays in top destinations, Malaysia-based Nigerian ‘Big Boy’, HushPuppi is living the life that we only see in hiphop music videos. His expensive lifestyle has created a celebrity status for himself that has seen him making news headlines; with several Nigerian celebrities having a thing or two to say about his lifestyle. 

Davido, who is said to be a good friend, recently had a brief battle of wealth supremacy with HushPuppi. The fight began when Hushpuppi spent N11m ($34,700) at a nightclub  in one night and dared anyone to match his spending. He had also said he was a rich man and not a rich man’s kid like Davido.

Davido  lashed out at the Malaysian big-spender telling him to go and buy a land instead of being wasteful. He had also posted a photo of his December account balance to show he was richer than Hushpuppi.

Many Nigerians claim that Hushpuppi got his money through questionable means and describe him as one of the early beneficiaries  of internet scamming known as ‘Yahooze’. In a recent Instagram post, he described himself as a former ‘Ghetto Kid’, a term used on the ‘streets’ nowadays to refer to all kinds of crime including fraud, drugs and prostitution.

He wrote:

“Letter to the Ghetto Kid:

As a man that I am today who developed from being one of you guys, who went through the same struggles you are presently going through, who had to run and jump hurdles where other kids just walk past the same situation in a better environment with better resources and much provisions, I know the society do not expect you to make it, the government don’t care about your future, they toy and joke around making rules and laws that only affect you and benefit the rich. You lack everything it requires to become who you might have loved to be, do the things you would have loved to do or to live the life you may have seen on tv or the internet, which I know you even have limited access to because there’s never power supply for such, which means you are deprived most of the things that can be learnt through tv and internet in the first place which makes your dreams smaller, quicker to fade away but I want you to know that darkness you are, without the dark, the stars won’t shine and so you can shine out if that darkness.
You have been deprived so many right a child deserves and the world look down on you because you are nothing but a clot of blood miraculously turned a baby, and an unfortunate one at that. Good health, good foods or good education hasn’t been in any way your chance to have. Looking at you disgusts not your brethren only but even strangers are not so impressed for your unhealthy appearance. Your strength; courage; and dreams are nothing but hallucination just because you were not supposed to dream big.

I am sure nobody ever believed in whatever you say or do. You have been victimized by neighbors; friends; and even family members who were supposed to give you hope. This is my story, this is me and this is the hushpuppi you have been hearing about. The Ghetto kid in me is at Its peak and ready to explode and spread around the globe. I am you and you are me. I represent every under priviledge kid of the world and especially of Nigeria and of Lagos and of Bariga and of Oworonsoki — Where a landlord had chased me and my family out of a rented room. I’ll never forget the look on my mother’s face trying to send me and my

Popular Lagos ‘big boy’ who cites philanthropy as one of main focus on his Instagram page, recently made a post about supporting 100 people with educational related issues but he is yet to fulfill them according to the prying Nigerian social media watchers. “

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