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The Fiawoo’s celebrate 10 years of being Together

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at May 6, 2019


Ghanaian Actress/TV host, Selly Galley and her husband, Cartel Big J of Praye fame, are celebrating 10 years of being together today, 15th of February, 2019.

The two who had been dating for almost 6 years, finally made it official in September, 2015 in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Taking to Instagram, the host of “The Premieres” on Joy Prime wrote a touching letter to her husband:

“@cartelbigj_praye 10 years Today is the day you dared to be cocky with me by gifting me a tee shirt written “IT FEELS GOOD TO BE WITH A STAR”, when i hadn’t accepted your proposal yet 🙄. But that day, I realised, this guy really wanted to own me. In every way. And then our relationship kicked off. I owned and wore that tee for four years. Keeping it ever so well.
Celebrating us today means a lot to me than celebrating our marriage anniversaries because that was only making official our beautiful love and as God commands. Surviving our challenges and your annoyance sometimes, (same as mine and probably even more), for 10 good years as a young couple, full of life, Not breaking up for once to get back! 10 straight years of constantly working on ourselves to be better for us. Prepared mentally to face any odds to be together. Much more stronger in love and care and faithfulness. I can only give God all the Glory for giving me my true life partner. He truly wants me to be happy the days of my life on this earth.
Body, mind and soul all yours forever. I look forward to combing your grey hairs and helping to wash our backs because we are too old to reach it. Making even more passionate love in our old age.
What we share is so special. Physical and spiritual connection. This typa love comes around once in a lifetime.
You make me so happy. 
It’s been 10 very good years of knowing you and so it will remain for the rest of our lives”.

Cartel Big J was not left behind as he also shared a beautiful message to his wife. He wrote:

” Today 15th February 2019 marks exactly 10yrs since our Love journey begun.
I am celebrating 10yrs of “knowing and being” with you because to me my marriage to you began the very day i proposed Love to you and we almost immediately started Living and behaving as a couple and that is one decision I’ve never regretted making because you’ve  truly turned out to be nothing short of a miracle in my LIFE. Happy 10yrs of KNOWING and BEING with YOU. I Love you desperately. #LoveTillCasket
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