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The fashion industry in Ghana and the figures that have influenced it

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 17, 2018

The fashion industry in Ghana and the figures that have influenced it

The fashion industry in Ghana and the figures that have influenced it

While Ghana might be known around the globe for various things, what it has become quite popular lately, is the boom spotted in the fashion industry. There has been noticed a globalization of fashion trends locally, but Ghanaian independent fashion designers have still managed to keep hold of the clothing authenticity this country is characterized by.

In this country, fashion creators have been focusing on using recyclables in order for their production processes to remain ethically, detail that has set an example for many other fashion cultures. You might be wondering what exactly has influenced the fashion scene there, what has impacted the style shifts spotted in recent years. The following public figures and designers are the ones to play major roles in the current status of the fashion industry in Ghana and its ever-growing dynamism,:


Abrima Erwiah

One of the designers who has made a wave in the local industry, and once you check out her creations, you will easily understand why, is Abrima Erwiah. She stands right at the forefront of ethical style. The apparel items of her latest collections, which have been created with the help of her friend Rosario Dawson, are all designed out of batik cotton, recycled glass jewelry and separates that are indigo dyed. The style pursued is remarkable and the creation processes utilized have become an inspiration for many others.

The fashion industry in Ghana and the figures that have influenced it

The fashion industry in Ghana and the figures that have influenced it

Kofi Ansah

A public figure that has managed to skyrocket the fashion scene in Ghana through innovation and creativity is Kofi Ansah. He was the one to change the overall Ghanaian fashion landscape, bringing new appealing trends to the table that have reached impressive heights over the years. He was part of the already well-known Federation of African Designers and won various prestigious awards since first entering the industry. His influence is still spotted today among new, young designers in Ghana. You can learn quite a few fascinating details about Kofi Ansah when you search online or using a people search site.

Kristin & Kofi Essel

Their creations have conquered NYC, but their origins are from Ghana – Kristin & Kofi Essel are two great designers that have accessed the international fashion landscape, being worn by popular celebrities around the world, a few examples being Beyoncé, La Anthony and Solange. What draws people to these Ghanaian designers’ creations is the simplicity revolving around their elements. Their clean lines are said to be inspired by architecture. Kristin & Kofi Essel have certainly brought attention to Ghana, showing just how talented people in this country are when it comes to authentic and unique styles.

Jason Jermaine Asiedu

Jason Jermaine Asiedu has become highly popular, both in Ghana and in order locations around the globe not only for the attention to detail that can be spotted in his creation, but his ability to design elements that compliment various body types. The elements that have conquered the spotlight show the talent of this young designer. He has collaborated with various influencers, such as Celeste van Joost, and has gained visibility in the international fashion scene.

The fashion industry in Ghana and the figures that have influenced it

The fashion industry in Ghana and the figures that have influenced it

Joyce Ababio

This Ghanaian designer has been publicly recognized for her talent and vision, winning awards and actually funding a college of creative design. Most of the designers you will be able to buy clothes and accessories from today have likely attended the courses at her school. She has managed to contribute to many of the biggest Ghanaian brands today, her style being widely appreciated by fashion lovers. She has become one of the most widely known figures in the industry on a nationwide level.

Claudia Lumor

The fashion scene in Ghana would look entirely different today without Claudia Lumor. She has been one of the most influential designers in the country, her creations benefiting from an impressive level of exposure and popularity. She was the one to put the bases of the annual fashion show that takes place in the country, Glitz Fashion African Week, a popular event that draws in numerous people from around the globe, being easily comparable with the now famous fashions events that take place in Paris or New York. Thanks to Claudia Lumor, awards are also being handed out to young designers through the Glitz style aware program.

Akosua Afriyie-Kumi

This popular designer of Ghanaian origins has developed a luxury handbag brand that has reached great success internationally. She uses in heir designs hand-dyed raffia colors, the majority of the tones being high-contrast ones. What has influenced her work was the local African art and architecture, and you are able to see that as soon as you analyze one of their handbag styles. Although she is still at the beginning of her career, the level of success she has managed to obtain is certainly impressive, and it seems like her brand will continue to grow. AAKS is the name of her brand, labeled after her own name and those of her siblings.

John A. Kufuor

Last but not least, another fascinating detail that might intrigue you, is the initiative pursued by Ghana’s former president J.A. Kufuor in regards to developing a unique Ghanaian identity through style and clothing authenticity. He founded a program entitled National Friday Wear, which had the role of promoting the usage of local designs and fabrics among people working in both the public and private sector. His work inspired many locals to continue wearing authentic local styles, African designs and prints being  worn by Ghanaians till this moment.

The fashion industry in Ghana has reached impressive heights over the last few years, with numerous talented designers emerging, ethical clothing developing in amazing ways and appealing trends being embraced on an international level. Various public figures and designers have impacted the current status of the industry, and things are said to continue going in the right direction, people having access to unique creations. Expressing your personality and dressing in a way that suits your individuality is easy when you are accessing the opportunities the local fashion scene offers in Ghana.

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