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The Exotic Cars Of Peter Okoye (Photos)

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at April 17, 2019


Just in case you need something to motivate you on this lovely Monday, then you’ve got to check the photos of Peter Okoye’s amazing and exotic cars.

The former member of the now defunct group, Psquare, is known for showing off his luxurious lifestyle and it only gets better by the day. So for every time Peter Okoye shares a photo or more of his house or cars, it is always bound to get people talking.

Peter Okoye has some of the most exotic cars in his garage. From the Mercedes Benz G Wagon to the Rubicon Jeep and even the Ford Mustang, his garage is all shades of dope!

The guy is unarguably one of the most stylish celebrities in Nigeria and has for years, remained one to watch when it comes to living da Vida loca. This is not the first time we are getting to see Peter Okoye’s garage and we love it.

Apparently, Peter Okoye’s love for expensive cars knows no bounds as he even recently got for his wife a Range Rover, adding to the number of intimidating cars in their garage.

The singer was probably having a good day when he decided to show off his expensive cars in his garage. He did this on his Instagram page on Monday, August 6, 2018.

Well, Peter in his caption said he hopes these photos motivate all of us on a Monday like this.

“#MondayMotivation I pray that this pictures Motivates and inspires you, rather than making you mad or sad. Same God that did for me will surely do it for you Say a big AMEN!!! #MondayMotivation #Blessed #LivingMyDreams #MyWayMyWorld #BossOfHisOwn #MrP’sWorld #TheHustleIsReal #LevelUp #ZOOM.”

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