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The Bad Girls Of 90s Nollywood

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Movies like “Glamour Girls”, “Most Wanted”, and “Domitilla” will bring to mind some of the biggest and baddest actresses of 90s Nollywood. Some of the stars in these movies make our list of top 5 bad girls of 90s Nollywood. Check them out below:

1. Regina Askia: When you think about the bad girls of 90s Nollywood, Regina is the first name that usually comes to mind. She became famous after placing second at the 1988 Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria (MBGN) contest. After a successful modelling career, she turned to acting. She got her big break in 1993, playing gold-digger – Tokunbo Johnson in the soap opera, Fortunes on NTA Network. She went on to have a long and prolific career in Nollywood for most of the 90s and early 2000s appearing in movies like “Most Wanted”, “The President’s Daughter” and “Dangerous Babe”. Although Regina gave up acting to start a career as a nurse in the United States, she is still considered one of the most iconic women of the ’90s.

2. Eucharia Anunobi: Not many people believed when they heard the news that Eucharia Anunobi had given her life to Christ and become an evangelist. She was one of the go-to bad girls in Nollywood following her breakout role in 1994’s “Glamour Girls”. Eucharia had one of the most scandalous scenes of 90s Nollywood and fans were not quick to forget it. She went on to appear in over 100 movies till 2009 when she took a break from the industry. Some of her most memorable movies include “Abuja Connection”, “Society Ladies”, and “Desire”.

90s Nollywood

3. Shan George: Shan George was a diva in every way possible. The light-skinned beauty made her Nollywood debut in the movie, “Thorns of Rose” in 1997. Her bad girl persona was just as real off-screen as it was on-screen with a bunch of tattoos and the skimpiest clothes which became a signature of sorts. Shan was a badass and she was never afraid to own it irrespective of who was watching. Her roles in movies like “Church Business”, “Searching For Love” and “A Stranger Between Two Brothers” cemented her place as one of Nollywood’s resident bad girls.

90s Nollywood

4. Bimbo Akintola: Bimbo is without a doubt one of the best actresses Nollywood ever produced. She is one of those actresses that you couldn’t typecast even if you tried because her versatility as an actress is like no other. But her brilliance in her bad girl roles makes her a plausible candidate for this list. She started off her career in “Owo Blow”, as a secondary school girl who was having sex with an older rich man to provide for her family. She then featured in “Out of Bounds, where she plays ‘Tutu’, an only child who is a bad girl from a rich family. Bimbo has appeared in other movies such as “What Women Want” and “Smoke and Mirrors”.

90s Nollywood

5. Sandra Achums: Sandra’s breakout movie, “Deadly Affair” in 1995 immediately typecast her as a bad girl. She later started taking more roles as the loyal housewife but not before she earned herself the ‘bad girl’ title. She appeared in movies like “Sugarcane Lady”, “Domitilla”, and “Preacher’s Wife”. Sandra took a bow from Nollywood in the mid-2000s and moved to Germany to raise her four children.

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