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#TGIF: How To Have A Fun Friday If You Are ‘Baeless’ And Broke

Follow @eventlabgh < Let’s go cliché. Are you single? Do you think you can’t have a fun Friday night because you are?...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at July 27, 2018


Let’s go cliché. Are you single? Do you think you can’t have a fun Friday night because you are? Do you have great ideas to kick start the weekend but your bank account isn’t on the same page with you? C’mon on in, we have som’ for you. Shut the door after you enter though. We don’t want them dating folks to come steal our tips now do we?

Know however, you can have the life you want broke, single, filthy rich, clean poor, or whatever status. All you need do is believe and work towards it. That said, let’s get down to brass tacks!

1. Movies

‘Moana! Make way. Make way…’ Aren’t movies just great?

Watching movies is a great way to make your body relax from all the stress the week days left. The thing I like best about it is there are a wide range of varieties, horror, romance, epic, action, drama, erotica, etc one can pick from.

Indoors on your gadget, or outdoors in the cinema, movies are bae. Spice up your weekend with movies that you wouldn’t see on weekdays because, well work.

If you are doing indoors, wear something comfy, take a very comfortable position in front of your screen, throw in something to snack on and off you go till well into the night. It can even be more fun if you aren’t watching alone.

2. Friends!

If you work, chances are you don’t get to see your buddies a lot. Well, now’s time to rekindle the flame and get things rolling.

Spending the weekend with friends without their partners of course, can be super fun. The last time I did that with mine a long time ago and it was cray cray. Crazy cool. We were in school and broke though I can’t say for single. We did a sleepover in one person’s room. There was food, drinks, music, games and boy, it was crazy, the games especially. We almost didn’t sleep all night!

You can play games, do sleep overs, go to a local bar or wherever, and generally do stuffs together that your bugets permits.

3. Books

This here is my favourite. I like to think it’s a sister to movies but movies are younger and not as smart as its sister books.

Unlike what some people think, reading can be fun, depending on what you are reading. It’s one of the greatest activity there is. Get your hands on some pages this Friday and just dig in. It could be ebooks or hardcopy, whichever you prefer.

4. Rediscover your hobby

Sometime, we get so caught up with life and things that we forget to do things that actually make us happy and that’s sad.

It’s important to take a break and treat yourself. Take up those luxuries you do at your leisure this Friday. It could be cooking up a storm, writing, dancing, drawing or whatever.

No matter what your hobby is, doing it or doing them can make you lighter at heart and truly happy. Try it, you’d be grateful you did.

Tell us how you’ll be spending this Friday night. As for me, I’ll be playing games with my housemates!

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