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“Tekno joining in Davido vs Wizkid beef is one of his worst decisions of his career”

Follow @eventlabgh < Here’s an article from Pulse Nigeria after Tekno Joined in the Davido Vs Wizkid Beef. The article...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at July 7, 2017


Here’s an article from Pulse Nigeria after Tekno Joined in the Davido Vs Wizkid Beef. The article states that it’s one of the worst decisions he’s made.

As Nigerians, where I come from, if you see two elders fighting and throwing their dirty laundry in public, the best you can do is find another elder to separate them. If you can’t find anyone, then look the other way.

Wizkid and Davido are musical elders when compared to Tekno. In fact, based on the hierarchy of pop music, Wizkid and Davido are his ‘Daddies’. Kids don’t go joining in a fight between elders. And he has been bashed beyond measure for it.

While Wizkid and Davido beefed and threw shades all over Twitter and Snapchat, other musicians knew not to put themselves in the firing line. Everyone avoided the conversation, and kept mute about the affair.

They discussed it offline, took sides privately, but no one dared jump into the fray.

Except for Tekno. Only Tekno. It must be Tekno.

The ‘Pana’ and ‘Diana’ singer had had enough of the fight, and he was itching to take sides. And so, he joined in with this ill-advised tweet which read: “Na just time, soon we go know who international pass.”

It’s an obvious shade at Wizkid, who has been the subject of Davido’s beef. His international deal with Sony Music/RCA Records is taking shape, and his first body of work, an EP titled “Sounds From the Other Side” is ready to be released. It will be made public on Friday, July 14, 2017.

That in itself is a historic achievement. Wizkid is the first African pop act to have his project released at that level from this contemporary crop of pop stars.

Earlier in the year, he had bagged awards from the BET, Billboard and Echo. He has also released collaborations with Drake and Chris Brown. He is progressing on a steady level.

But Tekno had to join in the fight. He didn’t have to, but he did. Trust Wizkid to put him in his place. Starboy opened the day with this tweet: “Good morning! Ducks dont play where lions play! Enjoy ur day my people!”

Trust Nigerians to run with this. Tekno has been dragged allover social media, with people coming up numerous memes and shades to describe the singer.

Tekno has no business throwing himself into a beef that he has no business in. Perhaps he was trying to take a stand for his friend Davido, who he has worked with on ‘If’, and also featured with him on ‘Erima’, a song by producer Krizbeatz.

Perhaps he just wants the attention, and make the news by taking a cheap shot. Whatever his reasons were, he didn’t think it through.

Wizkid and Davido are the top two artists on the continent, and the past 5 years have seen them prove their worth.

Tekno is on a lower level compared to these guys. You could count his commercially successful songs with your fingers. He doesn’t even have an album to his name.

There was no reason why he should join in a beef that didn’t have his name on it. It is one of his worst decisions ever. Maybe someday, if he works hard enough and diversifies his artistry, he might just get to their level and measure up. But right now, he needs to leave the arena, sit down, and be humble.

Article from Pulse Nigeria.



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