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T-Ben releases Self Determination- Man Like Nkrumah, A 5 Track EP.

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Oyedeji Owolabi Benjamin Saka Mideji popularly known as T-Ben, a third year Information and Communication Technology student of the Ho Technical University has released his long awaited EP dubbed “Self Determination-Man Like Nkrumah”. The intro track “Man like Nkrumah” talks about the price to be paid to disassociate oneself from poverty and struggling through the impossible to get a break through.

Being passionate about the unity of Africans, T-Ben vows to use his music as a tool to be a uniting force to fight against the supremacy of whites while promoting Unity of Africa. This is of the view that, He strongly believes that in order for Africans to stand strong, Africans need to free themselves from mental slavery and no one can help us except ourselves.

T-Ben draws inspiration from circumstances surrounding him and personal experiences. According to fans, his style of music is based on laying down verses with cadence that constantly changing and hidden lines that make his listeners think ourside the box to affiliate meanings to the value of his lyrics. His unique music style allows listeners to discover the hidden messages as he sings which is a catalyst to the future of Afro pop genre.

T-Ben held a “Lagos 2” concert, at the Ho African Hills Resort. The event was the breakthrough phase of T-Ben as it had a massive outcome of attendance and the CEO of the resort named T-Ben the Shatta and Stonebwoy of the region after the event.

As T-Ben’s name depict that he’s Nigerian by nationality, It is said that T-Ben seem not to vent out on issues concerning his paternity during interviews due to circumstances unknown. However reliable sources say that the artist was brought forth by an Ewe woman.

Fela Kuti, Burna boy and Davido are undoubtedly great artists T-Ben looks up to. As an activist and promoter of peace and unity on campus, some of the tracks on the EP include; “Never Underrate”, “Emmanuel Said”, “Lagos 2 Ho”, lHustle” ft Ella Naise. I bet Ghanaians are not ready to contain this super talent. Let’s support and anticipate the hard works of a creative mind, set to impact some change into the music industry and Ghana as a whole. Ghana is not ready!!! get all songs on the EP here.

Story – Roberta Gabby

Source: Beenie Words

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