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Stop stereotyping Nigerians and treat Crime as Crime – Kiyo Dee

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at June 19, 2019


Hip hop artist and lyricist Kiyo Dee has added his voice to the seemingly brewing tension between Ghana and Nigeria. He tweeted “Stop stereotyping Nigerians and treat Crime as Crime”.

Over the few days we have had this name calling of Nigerians in our media space relating them to crimes such as kidnapping, robbery and rape. The accusations have even led to the beating of some Nigerian Nationals by the slightest suspicion of kidnapping and this has brought a lot of tension between the two countries.
Yesterday some Nigerians in Kumasi had started closing down their shops and returning home in fear of being wrongfully accused and victimized.

In a phone interview with the musician said Crime has no color or race so if someone commits a crime it should be treated as such.

“All through college my relationship with them grew so profound. Today while with my Uni friends in our apartment, our Nigerian friends still feel so comfortably living with us in bonds deeper than the Ghanaians we even grew with in college” he said.

He added that “musically the new single “Flashy Lights” which I featured on was with a Nigerian as well. They are our brothers and in the same way that you will find criminals among Ghanaians you will find some among them so let’s stop the stereotyping and deal with the issues. Mind you there are also a lot of Ghanaians living and working in Nigeria too.”

Africa is of age and we should be thinking of how to unite as a continent instead of continuously dividing ourselves even after so many years of exiting slavery.

There are a lot we can benefit from each other musically and we should be taking advantage of that instead of what we are breeding now which will not benefit anyone.

Enjoy Pzee Fire ft Kiyo Dee’s “Flashy Lights” –

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