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STOP giving Shatta Bandle, others, stupid publicity – Enock Agyepong fires Mainstream Media

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at September 1, 2019


Mainstream Media The Biggest PROBLEM of the Arts Industry!

As it stands now, our biggest problem as an industry is the mainstream media and their useless content and misleading headlines.

We are all aware of the way social media has become the go to source for instant and breaking news but the problem is the mainstream media also trying so hard to compete with it for relevance and it leaves one wondering if we really understand our roles in the society.

Radio is suppose to carry authentic news in fact what ever comes from mainstream radio or Tv must be the gospel truth therefore instead of them checking and cross checking before putting out authentic news why would they be rushing to also put out news just because social media is always in the lead.

With social media all one needs is an Android or iOS phone with a social media account and you can put out news as and when it happens and therefore it is simply out of place for a mainstream media that has to go through production, editing etc to try and compete with such a medium.

We read everything on social media but we authentic them on mainstream media therefore the mainstream media has that responsibility to be responsible in their reportage.

Recently we’ve had very senseless stories lifted from social media straight to mainstream media and have justified it with LIKES & YouTube VIEWS and you wonder the kind of respect we attribute to our mainstream media.

They call it comic relief and now the whole industry looks like a JOKE.

One of the major tool used in building an industry is mainstream media so if our mainstream media is selling out its respect for cheap LIKES & YouTube VIEWS then we should know that we are destroying the industry.

The question is do they even care about the industry?

Many of our media folks have complained about how ungrateful Artist and managers and practitioners have been to them over the years and I want to believe in their quest to pay them back these guys have decided to destroy the industry with Stupid content just to push their selfish and greedy YouTube VIEWS & LIKES whiles they quench the light on Great Talent/Content.

BBC will never interview anyone without a reason and one of that reason must be Talent but what do we see in our space.

They’ve made superstars out of Supa, Rashida Nwansina, Shatta Bundle etc who have NO talent and rather prayed for confusion in the camps of Superstars so they can report and destroy their careers.

Whiles Countries Like Nigeria is busy promoting their Wizkids, Burna Boy, Davido, Yemi etc and South Africa also pushing their Cassper Nyovest and making billions of dollars out of them we are here pushing Shatta Bundle, wee teacher, Eventuarry and like I said praying for confusion in camps and you wonder if we are really correct in our brains.

The negative energies in this country is becoming unbecoming and it is cementing our stupidity as a race that hates itself so much that it doesn’t care to destroy it.

But wait….“A bad fetish priest that prays for the destruction of his village will also be destroyed in the end.”

When you pray for a tree to fall and destroy your neighbors farm you might come back to see that tree on your farm since nobody can predict the direction of a strong wind.

Major players showcasing foolish content whiles real talent suffer must bow down their heads in shame but they have no shame and will continue with the foolishness which will only result in them dying poor because they feed from the industry and so if the industry where their pay comes from is being destroyed by them then so be it.

In other countries where they’re pushing their talents they are indeed making monies automatically so if we will be here destroying ours just because some have been ungrateful in the past then so be it.

The funniest one was when they were jubilating that other countries are inviting their self created stars and we said to ourselves why won’t they help you fool since that’s what you’ve decided to do with your media. Like I said those countries are busy pushing their God-given Stars with their media and yes they will help us fool with our Mediamen-made Stars.

I watch MtvBase, Trace, Soundcity and other international channels and I see the countries that are busy out there and we are obviously not part of it even though in the past we were leading.

We will Not ask them to stop with their new found foolishness but as practitioners we will find ways to get to the world since we are now living in a global village and therefore your countries stupidity can’t be a barrier to your career.

Put your good works on social media and leave the mainstream media to enjoy their foolishness since you can’t control an idiot on display.

Sadly our major Stars that manages to break free from this industry never looks back at it just because of the way they were treated and typical examples are Wiyaala, Atongo Simba, Ayisoba, Manifest, Kuborlo&Mensah and now Shatta Wale.

Even Rouky Dawuni who tried coming back nearly had his Brand that he has built around the world nearly soiled because of our bad media. He remade a song in honor of one of our greats and instead of our media getting educated on the subject they rather attacked him over something that happens normally around the world. Meanwhile in Nigeria today almost all their big Acts are doing songs from their old Legends and the old guys are Proud of it.

Y3 di Gyemii saaa na afi asu.

Our TV is worse when it comes to the movie industry since our prime time has been taken over by Indian and Mexican Soap operas whiles our Ghanaian Producers and Actors have been pushed to the Cinemas where they have to compete with the Americans Lions King, Spider-Man and co.

The Government too is busy confused with itself and doesn’t even know what to do with the Arts & Tourism.

At least what the government can do for us is to

1. Establish the Film Authority that has already been passed in parliament for the film people and

2. Pass the Creative Arts Bill which is lying in Parliament for the Music and Creative Arts  people as a whole.

Big ups to Acts Like Lamem Gang, Sarkodie, Medikal, Kwasi Arthur, Kiyo Dee, Pzeefire, Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, Abraham Attah, Fuse ODG and the rest who are working hard to get their works beyond this negative concrete jungle.

Art is beyond any country

Art is for the World.


(Story: Enock Agyepong)

Source: Beenie Words

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