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Stephanie Benson lands a principal role in Pascal Amanfo’s forthcoming movie.

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at November 27, 2018


What is good about the day? Efficacious Ghanaian universal jazz songster and entertainer is happy to share an icebreaker with her fans vis-à-vis a principal role she has landed herself in a Pascal Amanfo production. Pascal Amanfo is Nigerian director and screenwriter engineering the success of “Bed Of Rose, Open Scandals, Family Runs, Mystery Of Sex” and many other classic movies. Selecting her as one of the leading role actress tells she possess a unique character which you will have the opportunity to watch when the movie is premiered. People will ask why her? The answer is has she produced, directed and starred in theatre shows called “Reflection” and “The Motown Revue”. It’s no news she qualified for this role, she’s not new to it. Don’t be flabbergasted she’s on this production for she will deliver away from anticipation.

As I write, she’s currently in Nigeria shooting the movie. The title of the movie will be withheld from the public. Nonetheless the movie is an ageless story you’ll love to watch over and over again. The movie gives her the platform to operate in her creative administrative center. Registering her place in the movie certifies it to hit platinum for that reason she comes in millions of packages with her versatility.

In that sequence, it only tells us this is the beginning of unending gift of creativity, versatility and free world to create, empower and inspire other women to set achievable goals, work at it till its achieved. One of her greatest ambition is mirror her life to inspire the world. Believe you me; you will love Princess Akua Ohenewaa Asieanem of  Kokobin in the impending movieDetails of the movie will be made available via this platform.

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