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“Some people think I’m ga-y” — Cross-dressing Comedian Josh 2 Funny reveals

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Nigerian Comedian, Chibuike Josh Alfred, popularly known as Josh 2 Funny and Madam Felicia, who is known for remaking songs with his “awkwardly” comedic tunes, has opened up on his career..

See excerpts from his chat with TOFARATI IGE of PUNCH..

How exactly did comedy start for you?

I wouldn’t say I was born a comedian, but when I was in secondary school, I used to do a bit of comedy. I was also a part of the literary and debating society. Whenever we had special events, I would crack jokes about the things I had read in the newspaper.

At that point, I didn’t know that comedy could be a business; I just took it as a hobby. But along the line, people started telling me that I would make a good comedian and I decided to give it a try since it was something I knew how to do.

I started professionally by performing in churches and other social events.

Which was your hit joke that made people start taking notice of you on social media?

It was a joke I did with another comedian, Longman. In the video, I acted as his mother and when I slapped him, he started rotating and singing the popular Christian chorus, ‘I can see everything turning around for my good.’

What is your educational qualification?

I studied Computer Science at the Federal Science and Technical College, Yaba.

After that, I studied photography for about two years, and I attended a school of performance arts, Qban Centre in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Is comedy your full-time job?

Yes. But I also have a studio where I produce songs and videos. I compere events too.

Why did you decide to dress like a woman?

I don’t dress like a woman; I only put on female attire to record my videos because I play the typical Igbo woman.

Dressing like a woman makes the jokes funnier and people are able to relate with it. In real-life, I’m a full-blooded man and I like women.

Do you face any peculiar challenges because you dress like a woman?

Yes. Some people think that I’m gay because I wear female clothing. But I’m still letting people know that this is just comedy.

Even when I perform on stage, I wear men’s clothing. I usually give an example of Tyler Perry, who has been acting as Madea, a woman, for a long time and it doesn’t mean he is homosexual.

Has any homosexual ever wooed you?

Yes. There was a time a guy sent me a message on social media and was asking if I like men.

I told him that if he sent me any more messages, I would pray and he would go blind. The guy ran away after that.



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