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Sky drive and boats cruises..things to see and do in Hartbeespoort

Follow @eventlabgh < During my recent trip to South Africa I had the opportunity to visit Hartbeespoort, a small resort...

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During my recent trip to South Africa I had the opportunity to visit Hartbeespoort, a small resort town in the North West Province of South Africa, situated on slopes of the Magaliesberg mountain and the banks of the Hartbeespoort Dam. Check out highlights from the trip:

The day started off with a quiet breakfast with many still in the throes of last night’s festivities to others feeling a little worn out. All of that soon changed however, after being served the sumptuous buffet breakfast with many opting to be more health conscious choosing to go with fruits and yoghurts.

After breakfast, the guests were excited for what was to come on their next adventure. Little did they know that their adventure was to begin as soon as they stepped out of their hotel.

The guests came out to be received by a surprise… vintage mustangs and dodges! They got to ride off in retro style and class to their next destination but only after videos and photos were shot with their cars. They couldn’t contain their excitement and any form of fatigue left from all their previous adventures was quickly abated.

The next destination was the Aerial Cableway, Hartbeespoort Dam which is only 45 mins from Sandton and 10 mins away from the Elephant Sanctuary . Here, the guests were offered a panoramic view of the beautiful Magaliesberg, Hartbeespoort Dam and surrounding areas, as well as excellent recreational and educational facilities. The staff was equally warm and attentive and the guests got to enjoy some fine South African wine in the picturesque seating area as they set their gaze on Mother Nature at her finest.

Next up was the infamous Sunday lunch boat cruise.

The guests were treated to a relaxing boat ride gently cruising along the waters of the Hartbeesport Dam at the foot of the Magaliesberg Mountains. The guests got to enjoy the sounds of water passing underneath the boat, birds swooping over the dam and fish jumping from below while sipping on their drinks and enjoying the gourmet snacks;

For lunch, the guests were served from a world class Italian buffet.

After lunch and sight-seeing, the guests headed off to their hotels to prepare for some more shopping in the Sandton City mall.

Indeed it was a relaxing day filled with lots of surprises.

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