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Sizzla Kalonji appointed as Ambassador UN Reggae to UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Destiny of Mt. Zion Surfacing Through Jamaican Musicians & Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’

Kennesaw, Dec 9, 2018 (  – February 16, 2019, at ‘Judgement Yard’ in August Town, Reggae Megastar, Miguel Collins, aka Sizzla Kalonji will undergo a traditional ceremony to recognize him as a divine ‘Ambassador’ that’s sure to bring the entire island of Jamaica closer to God once again. Long regarded as a ‘High Priest’ in the oral traditions of Reggae Music,  Sizzla was recommended by the Royal Office of the Akan Kingdom to officially stand for the prophetic peace of Jamaica’s children and communities, bestowing on him ‘Ambassador’s access’ to a true African treasure. That treasure is none other than a sacred place ancient Egyptians called ‘Ta Neteru / Ta Nture’, and what modern day people are now calling ‘Wakanda’. The Holy Nile Valley Mountain, Kirinyaga (Mt. Kenya), formed by a meteorite impact, referred to in ancient scriptures as ‘Mt. Zion’.

As Jamaica’s first Ambassador to UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mt. Kenya, Sizzla will travel to the Mountain for the sole purpose of praying for the peace and stability of Jamaica while circling the mountain. The timing is very fitting for Reggae Musicians to begin assuming roles such as this as the UN recently added Reggae Music to its list of intangible cultural heritage. Mt. Zion has been a crown jewel of Reggae Music since the beginning and Ambassadorship to Mt. Zion is not a new concept by far. Its an ancient spiritual tradition of the highest degree. At one point, only the holiest people were permitted to go there. Ancient pilgrimages to Mt. Zion was a last resort option during times of Crisis. When other solutions failed, Sages and Holymen of Africa would travel to Mt. Zion for crisis intervention prayers. They would travel in a circle around the mountain in an anti-clockwise direction. Stopping seven times to pray for peace on behalf of their community back home, by the time they finished circling the mountain, their prayers would be answered. Today this tradition has been revived and known as Mt. Kenya Prayer Walk.

The ceremony officially recognizing Sizzla as Ambassador to Mt. Zion has been authorized by Mt. Kenya’s First Diaspora Ambassador to the World, His Highness, Prince, Knox Saint Michael Ewers II aka ‘Ambassador Prince Michael‘. As of Saint Michael Day 2018, Prince Michael is an Elder of the Anjiru Clan and was given a Gikuyu name of “Muchiri”. Born to Jamaican parents and also a Reggae / Rap Musician, his focus is to identify resources for Mt. Zion’s agenda and promote it to the world as a voice of the traditional leaders, Mt. Kenya College of Seers and of course Ngai, the traditional God of Mt. Kenya. This is another function of Sizzla’s role, helping to spread awareness about the sacred mountain with Prince Michael and encourage the people of Jamaica to know the importance of Mt. Kenya in today’s world.

Sizzla and other Reggae Megastars are forming a board of directors to organize 2019’s first Annual ‘Heal Di World Benefit Festival for Mt. Zion’. The festival will take place every year in Kenya around December 29th. Her Royal Highness, Dr El Christina Sinclair is the Chairwoman of the board. In support of Mt. Zion’s agenda, the festival will raise funds for the construction, maintenance, expansion and outreach of the Gikuyu & Mumbi Cultural Museum. This museum is a rejuvenated version of Africa’s ancient libraries/temples that housed the secret knowledge of the black race given to the ancient prophets directly from God and protected from the colonial powers for thousands of years.

An ancient prophecy states Mt. Zion will be “Established as the highest mountain” and “Exalted above the hills” in the “latter days”. It’s no coincidence the number one movie on the planet this year, Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ was directly inspired by Mt. Kenya to the point of subconsciously teaching the world exactly how Mt. Zion was formed by a meteorite. Apparently, Jack Kirby gave‘Artistic Credit’ to the Anjiru Clan in 1978 for inspiring the history of Vibranium and Wakanda. With that stated, it’s hard to find a mountain on earth more relevant than Mt. Kenya as long as ‘Black Panther’ continues to be the favoured African theme among the global entertainment crowd. Sizzla’s ceremony will take place on the first anniversary of Black Panther’s release.

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