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#SHOPTHERUNWAY Exposes the difference Between African Fashion And Print Clothes

Follow @eventlabgh #SHOPTHERUNWAY is the new subtitle for Accra Fashion Week, a trendsetting event that is changing the face and…

By Eventlabgh , in Fashion Lifestyle News , at June 23, 2018

#SHOPTHERUNWAY is the new subtitle for Accra Fashion Week, a trendsetting event that is changing the face and faces of fashion and fashion events in Ghana. In 2018 the organizers decided to orchestrate two fashion week events in a year and set to be the first to do so.
Recently their #SHOPTHERUNWAY hashtag went viral on social media. #SHOPTHERUNWAY is an initiative by Accra Fashion Week allowing designers to sell their runway products online on the same website their hosts the event details. Currently, the shop hosts top Ghanaian brands such at  ABASS, BRI WIREDUAH, IVA MICHAELS, MISH MEGA, NACKISSA, OUTRAGE BY JIDA, SARA Q and TOBAMS COLORS. No more showcasing just for the claps, this revolutionary act turns your runway activities into business and paving a way for not only fashion events in Ghana, but around the world, as it is the first to execute such an event.
But the hashtag is not only to push an online shop, it’s also an anti 2nd hand clothing campaign by Accra Fashion Week. “We as Ghanaians always wait to see corruption before we drop our jaws. We can’t wait for Anas to show us everything before we realize and fix where we are failing in. Its corruption in our government that’s why our cities are flooded with foreign fabrics and foreign clothes and politicians get money for illegal imports or passing bills that make it possible to destroy our homegrown talents. We can’t wait for them to fix it, we as Ghanaians need to pull our efforts to push homemade designs. Just the same way we took our musicians to the top” – Nana Tamakloe
The online shop is set to be an online fashion platform to give access to people to sit at runway shows and admire what they see or find viral runway images online with no idea how or where to buy. The shop the runway feature gives society a direct support relationship with African designers. For more information visit
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