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Shocking revelations by MagicHands Entertainment on Adi Virgo after Facebook outbursts

Follow @eventlabgh < Although we knew he was a walking time bomb we were holding on believing he will get...

By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at January 27, 2019


Although we knew he was a walking time bomb we were holding on believing he will get it right, but next time we will invest in more machines to employ more serious minded youth with the right attitude and ready to learn.

The Management of MAGICHANDS Entertainment is surprised at the quick turn around of Adi Virgo without saying a ‘thank you’ to all that has been done and invested in his projects so far.

Adi Virgo had a lot of help with investment in his music career. The company shot music videos and recorded material (songs) including strategic promotions.

He was residing in the premises of MAGICHANDS one year period until he moved out this year (2019).

A lot of misdemeanour occurred. Many disciplinary issues came up at different instances where he could have been sent back home but believing in great talent and giving him a chance to change was the purpose Management held on.

In December 2018, he was asked to go home to his family for the holidays. His father called and complained about his misbehavior and later sacked him from home.

During December a project was fully paid for by MAGICHANDS with Mr. Logic for Adi Virgo to start with the year 2019; on an agreement that Mr. Logic would manage him directly.

Management was about finalizing that agreement with Mr. Logic (Emmanuel Barnes, Mr.) when the sudden post dropped from the artiste’s Facebook timeline few hours ago. We are not surprised at his unstable nature. We wish him well.


Mr. Bright Greene,

CEO – MagicHands Entertainment.

(Source: BeenieWords)

Source: Beenie Words

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