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Shatta Wale’s “Reign” Album launched, tipped to record highest sales

Follow @eventlabgh < The champion of Africa dancehall out-doors branded reign album gears upon the unveil of his album track...

By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at September 17, 2018


The champion of Africa dancehall out-doors branded reign album gears upon the unveil of his album track list.

Professionally this is the best move for an artist of his kind. It a great move that cannot be foretold, Ghana let the Shatta rain reign.

Promo Souvenirs for the album are believed to have come in millions of pieces and are expected to be sold out effortlessly. Arguably, Shatta Wale holds a huge figure when it comes to musicians’ fanbase across Ghana and Africa. The unveiling of the album is tipped to reflect in high sales and big push for the collection.

“I owe Africa a lot and this is the time to make us proud Shatta Wale said aggressively”, he added a history yet to be made.

The Fantasy dome which is yet to stand a test of strength by a wild number of thousands of loyal SM fans from Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Togo and many more will be set straight as a record in Ghana.

For the new dome to prove itself as Ghana’s largest event house it must have the strong pillars that can stand the energetic performance from the SM Millitantz who always add value to the craftsmanship of their leader, however it’s unfortunate Willis beat didn’t add his own value to this very album. Why?

In an interview with Andy Dosty, Shatta Wale explained fans from the neighbouring countries are responsible for their own transportation and other necessities to make it to his event and he is very happy about that.

To give back to them up satisfactory Shatta Wale is giving to them a 17 solid pieces as a thanksgiving, which kick start with Gringo Amount  followed by;

Song titles on the “Reign”album….Don’t Baby My Baby, Ben Over, Squeeze, Regret, If I See, Give Dem Something, Crazy, Wonders, Rosalinda, Sister Sister, Mama Stories, My Mind Is Made Up, Ceaser, Exodus….which will not only entertain them but also, educate, motivate and enlighten them.

(Source/Story: Brave Godwins)

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