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Shatta Wale heavily praises Bola Ray, says he helped shape him to be calm

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at September 11, 2019


Ghana’s highly celebrated Reggae/Dancehall crooner, Shatta Wale, has highly eulogized Bola Ray on social media for his immense contribution and support for the creatives, especially musicians.

Shatta Wale captions under a post via his official Instagram handle @ShattaWaleNima which reads… “over the years, this man has held me down on so many occasions, We have our differences, but he speaks truth for a Better Being… Today I celebrate Mr. Nat Kwabena Adisi….” (you might wanna check the full text of what he wrote here from source )

Mr. Nathaniel Kwabena Anokye Adisi, is a household name in Ghana Showbiz space popularly known as “Bola Ray”. His name resonates so much success every young folk and even his cohorts towing along the same lines would want to follow his stead on the endless success stories he has won for himself and people who have worked with him.

Spanning over 2 decades with consistent on air activity coupled with seasoned and standard productions, Bola Ray has been that visible icon on the GHANA Showbiz frontline who would always meet you with a smile even on his bad day.

He got into the news in recent times when he opened up on one of the very ‘scarce topics’ one would find him talk about. About a month ago, he opened up on difficult times for him as a ‘Boss’ at EIB Network, a Media conglomerate under which at least 8 companies operate.

Bola Ray in a viral video circulated on social media lamented about some of his employees leaving the company during some very challenging moments. Not to rub same issue in faces, Bola Ray was quite misunderstood by some members of the public who heavily descended on him without listening or watching the full text of what he said at the conference.

Like it’s always said, “a good man is hardly acknowledged in his home”, but we would not wish such a case for a man who has hosted successively major concerts like “Ghana Meets Naija” and paraded the creme-de-la-creme Of Africa’s most awarded and most celebrated musicians and industry players.

We should rather create space for this honorable gentleman to excel more and help him up the ladder some more so we all can benefit from his good works. Employing over hundreds of people under a gargantuan network like EIB definitely wouldn’t come easy. Let’s learn to appreciate and sustain good people among us and their legacy; hats the only way young ones and the unseen generation can use as a blueprint. God bless you more, Bola Ray!

(Story: Elorm Beenie)

Source: Beenie Words

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