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Sarkodie, Stefflon Don, Joey B & More for Fuse ODG’s TINA Festival scheduled for January 04

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Fuse ODG presents…

TINA Festival

Round Pavilion, Trade Fair, Accra, Ghana

4th January  2019 – 2pm until late


Fuse ODG  


Stefflon Don

Joey B

Lethal Bizzle

plus more TBA


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The inaugural TINA Festival will take place on 4th January 2019 at Round Pavilion, Trade  Fair,  Accra, Ghana.


A new African sound has captured the attention of the world in recent years…Afrobeat.  The sound has gained millions of followers from every corner of the globe.  African music is fast becoming a force to be reckoned within the global music scene.  The aim of the annual TINA Festival is to become the home of this sound and music genre.  It will be the place where people go to experience the genuine lifestyle that comes with the music.


The festival will be a day party populated with a market fair and activities, and then an evening concert with performances from….Fuse ODG Afrobeats pioneer,, Sarkodie – one of Africa’s greatest hip hop artists, Stefflon Don, Joey B, Lethal Bizzle plus more to TBA soon.

TINA Festival will be to Afrobeat what Glastonbury is to Rock music.  Beyond the music and the lifestyle, the festival will also promote the continent and Ghana in particular; becoming a catalyst for  tourism and investment.


Global Afrobeats superstar Fuse ODG helped to create the TINA Festival. One of the leading pioneers of the sound, he has been using his music and influence to promote Ghana and Africa in a way that has never been done before. He is famous not only for his music and helping the rise of Afrobeats world-wide. but also for his tireless commitment to re-educate how Africa is perceived in the world.


Fuse’s  efforts to spread this message have allowed him to connect with a variety of artists worldwide which have led to him earn the first Grammy Award by a Ghanaian last year .  He has invited global  superstars such as Ed Sheeran to stay with him in Accra, and gain an experience of Ghana aimed at changing global perceptions  It is in that same vision that  has led to the creation of the TINA Festival.


In re-uniting the Global African Diaspora, the Tina Festival will be part of wider series of events over three days held at Ghana’s most iconic venues…



2nd January  2019 – National  Builders  Day

(Akosombo School)

In  2007, This Is  New  Africa  (TINA)  and  Wood  World  Mission  Charity  started a  school  in Akusombo with  just  a  handful  of  students.  What began as  an Orphanage  is  now  a  thriving  school with  over  200  students  being supported  by  the  organisation. National  Builders  day  is  to encourage  the  diaspora  community  to  give  back to  society.  There  will  be  a  call  for  Volunteers  to  come  and  help  the  school. Volunteers will be at Akosombo School  to  paint  the  school  and  interact  with the pupils  and  inspiring  them.  An  exciting  boat  ride  and  tour  of  the  beautiful  Akosombo  landscape  fused with  party  in  the  bus  and  lots  of  networking  will  be  part  of  the  day  for  all.

3rd January  2019 – Global  Diaspora  Conference  and  Exhibition

(Conference  Centre,  Accra)

The  Global  Diaspora  conference  will  be  looking  at  discussions and  talks  from  top  thought leaders  from  the  continent  on how to take Africa  beyond  aid  and  how  to  mobilize  the sleeping  giant  of  the  Diaspora.



H.E. Prez. Nana Akuffo Addo

Samia Nkrumah – Political activist

Reggie Yates – BBC  TV  broadcaster

Ama  K  Abebrese – Actress

Chaka Bars – I Heart Africa

Fuse ODG –  Artist


4th January  2019 – TINA  Music  Festival

(Fantasy  Dome,  Trade  Fair,  Accra)

Artists performing:

Fuse ODG,


Stefflon Don,

Joey B,

Lethal Bizzle

plus more to TBA soon.


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