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Samini’s property at Aburi Gyankama under ‘land guard’ threat

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at March 31, 2017


Nana Kwadwo Ntow, Chief on Gyankama in Aburi has sent a stern warning to land-guards and some natives of his community illegally selling lands to people.

Samini, celebrated Ghanaian Musician who originally bought lands legally from the ace was threatened some days back by the land guards which got the Chief’s attention to call a press conference on Friday, March 31, 2017 to speak on the issue.

According to Samini, who was also present at the press conference, “he bought land in Gyankama over 10 years ago with all necessary legal documents, from the previous Chief (who passed on) till Nana Kwadwo Ntow was enstooled – and was aware of everything and encouraged me to start developing the land so no external issues come along with it. He recently went on a tour of the land but got notified that another party is claiming ownership of the land which he (Samini) bought over a decade ago and they requested he comes for a re-negotiation of the land. He produced documents to the land which were legally done but he was asked by the ‘fake’ land owners to pay a sum of US $10,000 before he would get his lands back (1 acre). A group of guys, through an errand boy requested he pays the US $10,000)”.

“All was Greek story to me so I had to come back to the Chief (Nana Kwadwo Ntow) to report the issue which resulted in this press conference. So it’s just nice I come to approach the original owners of the land to authenticate the land I’ve bought over 10 years ago (in 2005). I have legal documents to the land.”

Nana Kwadwo Ntow, during the press conference however confirmed Samini legally acquired the land. He was quick to add that it was not only Samini who was suffering from the actions of the land guards and the guys unlawfully claiming ownership of lands in Gyankama. He used the media platform to warn all persons illegally selling the lands (claimimg to be royals) to step away. He says a petition is due to be submitted to the Regional House of Chiefs and the Police Command. However, he wishes to draw the attention of the IGP to come to their aid before the issue gets out of hand.

(Story: Elorm Beenie)



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