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Samini is The Music Legend that needs celebration, not vilification – Sadiq Abdulai of 3Music Awards

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at October 21, 2019


I get it that, in these parts, we don’t respect legends & trailblazers. But all that has to change particular on social media. Before everybody else, there was a SAMINI who blazed the trail, held our flag high & kept our music at the forefront of the pan- African music scene.

A few of our notable headliners today are making us proud & keeping our flag high, winning Ghanaian, pan-African & global laurels to keep us shining regardless of our inability to fully dominate & be on top on the Pan-African music chain. Our SAMINI kept it at the very top. Winning the Mobos as the first African resident talent & the first recipient of the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) Best African Performer in 2009. He followed it up with a nomination at MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) for Best African Act. A nomination that has since eluded Ghanaian talents.

Remind me if I am wrong I think he is about the only Ghanaian talent that ever got nominated in that category till date.

Before commercial endorsements took center stage. SAMINI had mouth a watering deal with MTN. He is one of only two acts alongside Okyeame Kwame to be MTN Music ambassadors.

Even before mobile handsets operators thought of establishing operations in other major African markets aside South Africa, Motorola who at the time, controlled the global handsets market was on call, partnering with SAMINI on his projects & getting their brand featured in his video for his self titled video, Samini. Which still looks super good.

From the late 90’s till now & with almost 20 years in the game, SAMINI’s music, business sense & knowledge of the game, relevance & his incomparable ability to move crowds as an entertainer is unmatched & should be studied rather than vilified or trolled.

Guys put some respect on the name SAMINI. He is a legend. Some of us (I am talking about myself) need to bow down our head in shame. For not doing enough to project, still hold him high & celebrate him for his achievements. The disrespect can’t & shouldnt continue.

Whilst we look for solutions on how to keep our music & talents at the top of the pan-African chain & ensure our talents earn more from their work, Samini is one person who has been there, done that & continues to do it. Rather than to look to him & take wisdom at his Fountain, are we going to sit down & allow young ones who don’t know, are less insightful & are arrogant about knowing vilify & troll him?

Do you guys know what his catalogue is worth? Or you just learnt a thing or two about YouTube or streaming numbers & you think it’s the only way of measuring value of an artiste? Guys tone down on that arrogant ignorance social media gives you.

SAMINI needs celebration not social media trolling or vilification. I am still trying to forgive myself, when on my hospital bed (as I was rushed to the hospital due to exhaustion & stress) & due to miscommunication, our team bungled his performance at the last #3musicAwards19. A lot had gone into it & we were bent on getting that climax with his performance. The SAMINI I know has forgiven us, but the disrespect to an artists of his calibre shouldn’t be tolerated.

Celebrate SAMINI today, highlight his gains & achievements, track the “how”
He did it & keeps doing to use that to influence the future direction of our music. Use the access to such a legend responsibly. Social media is not only meant for trolling, cyber bullying & vilifying Legends.

SAMINI is to us what TUFACE is to Nigeria. Thank you Samini for blazing the trail and keeping the spotlight on our music alive to shine onto to our notable headliners today.

I hope to see you at #AfroNationGhana & hope everybody involved makes sure you are part to continue helping Ghana make that much needed statement with your music & artistry. END

(Story: Sadiq Abdulai Abu – 3Music)

Source: Beenie Words

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