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Rumour has it that Naa Ashorkor was axed from Multimedia Group because she ‘swerved’ her TV obligations

Follow @eventlabgh < One of the biggest news this week has been the termination of Naa Ashorkor’s job by the...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at May 7, 2020


One of the biggest news this week has been the termination of Naa Ashorkor’s job by the Multimedia Group.

Sources told that Ashorkor is alleged to have consistently found ways to swerve her television obligations, an action that has occasioned the termination of her contract. Many Ghanaian media organisations, because they own plural outfits, run a convergence model; one that requires employees, though primarily engaged on one platform, to also lend assistance on another.

According to the report, Ashorkor was paid a month’s salary in lieu of the notice of her sacking. She is not the only Multimedia employee that should be exiting the outfit around this period. Others may be axed according to the sources.

Announcing her departure from the Multimedia Group, Ashorkor, who is also a successful actress among other things, failed to specify the reason for her axing. But here are the reported reasons:


  • She was a Service Provider employed for both Radio and Television. Most media establishments in Ghana employ theConvergence model, where employees are required to work across the various properties of the stable under one contract document
  • Management had reason to believe she consistently and deliberately neglected the television aspect of her engagement
  • She will be paid one month salary in lieu of the decision to terminate her appointment
  • She gets an extra month’s salary to see her through the period

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