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Rising singer, Drizzy Bangz says music can pay well in Ghana

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at June 23, 2020


Growing Ghanaian artiste Drizzy Bangz, signed under ‘Camp What Records’ says the music industry can be very lucrative here in Ghana, if the education of the music business is taught intensively by industry players.

According to him, music in other parts of the world is what most of the artistes feed on, unlike here in Ghana some of our artistes and industry players do not see the business part of the music which is really disheartening. This leads to the high dependency ratio of musicians on government at their own age.

In an interview, he says, “Most music records, work with artists based on their vocal strength or their talents to sing with clean voices without telling them about the music business, there is a very simple answer to this. Many artists fear business. There’s music and there’s the music business. To put it better, the business of music. The two are not the same. A person can be a great musician but if they don’t apply proven business strategies to monetize their music, they will never make it in the music business. Many artists like to make music for the love and not for the money. You can’t go far in the music business if you don’t care about money.

He added that, some people do break into the music business but lack understanding of the business which in turn becomes their downfall. “The music industry is a billion-dollar industry with investors, shareholders, and debtors. Labels need to pay all of these people. Furthermore, contracts aren’t written to be fair they are written for a zero-sum gain. New artists sign these contracts without proper legal representation and are trapped in non-favorable deals. Labels have the option to shelve (stop supporting) these artists for various reasons.”

Drizzy emphasized that, in order for today’s artists to make it, they need to accept the fact that they are entrepreneurs and make a product (Songs) that gains the attention of investors (managers, publishers, labels). “The artist must find some success on their own so they can increase their bargaining power. When an artist understands the business of music, their chances of success increase, and opportunities are readily found.”

“Why don’t talented musicians ever become rich and famous? It doesn’t matter how good you are if people don’t know you exist. It takes the distributive and promotional capability of large professional organizations to make celebrity artists. Until you get discovered and work your way up through the cracks, and perhaps stepping on a few necks, then you’ll remain a fly on Youtube forever.”

Drizzy who is inspired by Chris Brown developed his music passion at a young age and grew up with the aspiration to be a musician. “I was keenly inspired by the type of music I grew up listening to. I do Alternative RNB and sometimes Afro-pop depending on the mood. When it comes to creating music I deal ideally with emotions. So get me the beat I set the mood then I am good to go. I just   have to get carried away by the tempo”

The artiste recently released a single ‘I Lied’ which he featured Fayorsey and will like to be on a musical project with A.I, Show Dem Camp and other big names in the musical scene worldwide

According to him, the music the journey has just started for him and “I’ll urge music lovers to keep their fingers crossed for more thrilling Jams from me”

Drizzy who studied a 3 the year diploma course at the International School Of Aviation   has other great tunes  like ‘Boys Nda’ which are all available on Spotify, audiomacks, Soundcloud, and other music streaming sites.

He advises his fellow artistes to “Never Give Up” whiles his plan is to   impact the industry and to put Ghana on the map.


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