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RHOAbuja Reunion: Jaruma Gives Credence To Samantha’s Infidelity Rumour, Arafa’s Apology And More

Follow @eventlabgh < Every episode of The Real Housewives of Abuja (RHOAbuja) is chaotic. From one housewife miscommunicating and some...

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Every episode of The Real Housewives of Abuja (RHOAbuja) is chaotic. From one housewife miscommunicating and some faking reactions based on perceived notions, it was difficult to see the housewives, at any point, bond with each other. However, Jaruma and Tutupie take things to the next level as they bring a bomb that could affect Samantha’s marriage to the reunion show.

Samantha at the RHOAbuja Reunion
Samantha at the RHOAbuja Reunion

The shocking thing about the show is that the main cause of their fights was miscommunications. Certain people didn’t confront issues which led them to make harmful assumptions, and some never really expressed themselves.

Here are some highlights from the last episode of The Real Housewives of Abuja.

Jaruma Supports Tutupie’s Cheating Allegations

Jaruma at the RHOAbuja Reunion
Jaruma at the RHOAbuja Reunion

In the first part of the reunion, Tutupie mentioned that ‘words on the street’ had disclosed that Samantha was playing around with small boys even though she was married with kids. As shocking as this might sound, Tutupie firmly stands behind her statement, and Jaruma seems to think Tutupie is not lying.

On the other hand, Samantha is bewildered as she does not recall collecting Tutupie’s boyfriend’s number nor does she subscribe to any of these allegations flying around. Whichever it is, Samantha has been put in an uncomfortable and compromising position on international TV.

OJ Posharella’s Misplaced Anger

OJ Posharella at the RHOAbuja Reunion
OJ Posharella at the RHOAbuja Reunion

At the end of the reunion show, it became obvious that OJ Posharella took Princess’ apology to her as a sign of weakness. After apologising to her on and off set multiple times, she still went ahead to insult her character and her mother over a rumour she did not start while not having the same energy, for Tutupie, who had started the rumour of her selling fake jewelleries and not owning a house.

When she spoke to Tutupie, she was level-headed, as soon as she spoke with Princess, she was flaring up. The energy did not match, and it’s quite shocking since they supposedly knew each other before the show.

Tutupie Needs To Chill

Tutupie RHOAbuja

All Tutupie needed to do on the show was to maintain her baby girl energy, but she managed not to do so by refusing to see things clearly and speaking directly to people she had issues with, with an open mind, rather than relying on gossip.

She did not only start an untrue rumour that OJ was living in a borrowed house, she basically talked down on OJ to the point that everyone almost thought she had evidence of OJ being actually fake, only for her to apologise after she confirmed weeks later from her friend that he had bought a Rolex watch from OJ’s business.

The same miscommunication happened between her and Comfort.

Arafa Finally Apologises To Comfort

Arafa at the RHOAbuja Reunion
Arafa at the RHOAbuja Reunion

One of the most annoying things of the last episode of RHOAbuja was watching Arafa act like selling out Comfort the way she did to Tutupie was not wrong just because she was her husband’s friend.

Thankfully she apologised and even named a collection out of her clothing line after Comfort.

Comfort Has No Time For Bad Energy

Comfort RHOAbuja

Everyone that apologised to Comfort during the reunion was met with grace. She had nothing vile to say about anyone.

All she did was narrate her part, apologised when necessary, and move on from any issue she had with the other housewives. It was great to see that she was at peace with herself because if everyone was hot-headed in that place, Akah might have had to physically separate a fight.

Princess Is Not The Villain Of The Season

Princess at the RHOAbuja Reunion
Princess at the RHOAbuja Reunion

Although OJ might have said Princess was the villain of the season, Princess in no way the villain. One thing she always did on the show was to stand up for herself and the people that she loved loudly. Although most people might not agree with her methods, all she wanted was to be accorded the same respect she accorded the other housewives.

She seemed to genuinely be open to friendships and like Comfort said, ‘she was disappointed that she was not met with the same energy.’ There were times she was out of line like some of the housewives, but most times, her anger was justified, and she was not afraid to express it.

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