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RHOAbuja Reunion: Here Are All The Jaw-Dropping Highlights On Episode One

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at June 1, 2023


Drama Alert! The first episode of The Real Housewives of Abuja reunion has hit our screens, and it’s every bit as juicy as we thought, and prayed it would be!

RHOAbuja Reunion

Let’s break down all the juicy details, shall we?

The ever-charismatic and charming host, Akah Nnnani, took center stage as he guided us through the wild ride, making sure that no table was left unturned and no tea was left “unsipped.”

Drama At Samantha’s Party

Kicking off the reunion, Akah dives straight into the explosive dramatic moment from the show during Samantha’s party, where Princess Jecoco insisted her mom be served first, leaving Samantha feeling like her party was hijacked. It looks like Akah was easing us into the intense conversations that were about to unfold, and boy, did they unfold!

Pole Dancing and Misconceptions

Shifting our focus to another interesting topic that has left fans and viewers pondering, Akah addresses Arafa and her pole dancing. Arafa seizes the opportunity to clarify any misconceptions. She adamantly states that pole dancing is her talent, emphasizing that it is not synonymous with stripping, as some social media friends might suggest.

Ageism- The Subtle Shades

Next on the agenda was the sensitive issue of ageism, as Akah pointed out the subtle instances of age-related shaming displayed throughout the season, leading to a sudden eruption of an argument between Princess and OJ. Accusations flew left and right, with Princess going as far as claiming OJ Posharella has a dissociative identity disorder. Yikes! And the drama doesn’t stop there! Tutupie jumped into the ring, facing OJ Posharella, and the two started slinging words at each other. Tutupie discredited OJ’s source of living, while OJ labelled Tutupie as a druggie and a lowlife.

The Jaruma Cameo & Spotlight Conspiracy

There were some social media reactions suggesting that Princess kicked Jaruma out of RHOAbuja just to steal the spotlight, although Princess vehemently denies it. To settle that score once and for all, Akah invites Jaruma to share her side of the story. And guess what? Jaruma also firmly believes that Princess intentionally pushed her out to steal the limelight!

Akah has one more bombshell to drop. He brings up the moment when Jaruma referred to the ladies as “peasants,” proudly claiming that it’s a privilege to be in her presence. Jaruma doesn’t hold back, re-enacting the scene and mentioning that talking to her on the phone now costs a whopping 250,000 naira. And if you want to see her face to face, get ready to shell out 2.5 million naira! Apparently, the price doubled after that particular scene aired.

Tutupie’s Staycation

Revisiting one of the intense moments that occurred during the show, Akah addresses the controversial staycation organized by Tutupie. This infamous getaway was part of what fueled a lot of heat and set the stage for the drama that unfolded throughout the season. However, Tutupie stands firm on her belief that hosting the ladies and enjoying herself at her own party was well within her rights. After all, it was her party, and she can do what she wants, right?

Men, Drinks, and Phone Numbers

Just when we thought the drama couldn’t escalate any further, Tutupie and Samantha engaged in a heated argument about men, drinks, and the art of collecting phone numbers at the club. Samantha insists that she is the prize! And has never looked at any “small boy”. Who knew such a seemingly innocent topic could ignite such a fierce debate?

Phew! That’s a lot of drama, excitement, and jaw-dropping moments packed into one reunion show. It’s safe to say “The Real Housewives of Abuja” know how to keep us entertained. In case you missed out on any of the episodes, you can catch up on all the drama by binge-watching on Showmax.

Mark your calendars, because the second part of the reunion episode is airing this Friday on Showmax and promises even more updates and shocking revelations!


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