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RHOAbuja Recap: Drama, Vacation Fight As Housewives Take A Trip To Cape Town

Follow @eventlabgh < Every episode of The Real Housewives of Abuja (RHOAbuja) has had one drama or the other. Whether...

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Every episode of The Real Housewives of Abuja (RHOAbuja) has had one drama or the other. Whether it is one person snitching on other housewives or them just being entirely uncomfortable about certain comments on their personality, drama has never ceased amidst the housewives.

RHOAbuja OJ Posharella and Tutupie
OJ Posharella and Tutupie

In episode 11, the housewives finally take their long awaited trip outside Nigeria, and this time their vacation location is Cape Town, South Africa. With a lot of exciting outfits, smiles, and whatnot you would easily expect that the trip would be drama free, but that was not the case.

Here are some highlights from the new episode of RHOAbuja

Arafa Puts Tutupie In Her Place

Tutupie always has an issue if she is not the centre of attention. Even at her own staycation, where she chose the rooms herself, she made an issue out of the fact that her room was the smallest when she could have easily requested a bigger room.

For this trip, she does the same thing as she was angry at the fact that she was given the basement room. According to her, she could not stay in a BQ, as it’s the help’s room. She later got another room, but Arafa made sure to ruffle her feathers a bit.

OJ Posharella Confronts Arafa

Arafa has had a lot to say about the ladies in the past episodes. So, when she decided to trash out their issues in the middle of dinner, it was only right that she expects the ladies to air their grievances.

In an unusual manner, OJ Posharella threw her Minister of Happiness tag to the bin as she ranted about how it was evil of Arafa to talk down on her business when she had supported Arafa’s business in the past. Recall that Arafa had said the diamonds OJ was selling were fake.

After her rant, Arafa apologised, and OJ seems to have moved past it.

Princess Jecoco and Tutupie Fall Out

One fight we never expected this season was between Princess Jecoco and Tutupie. The duo who met before the show seemed inseparable as they continuously defended each other against the other housewives. One episode after, Princess can no longer stay friends with Tutupie because of her ‘disloyalty and statement about her marriage’.

In the second episode of RHOAbuja, Princess, Arafa, and Comfort wanted to set Tutupie up on a date, but she seemed opposed to it despite Princess mentioning that Tutupie was aware of the matchmaking process.

In usual Tutupie style, during her confessionals, she said, ‘If their marriages are great, they would not be outside.’

Well, currently the best friends are not in a good space.

Comfort And Arafa Agree To Disagree

Since Tutupie’s scuffle with Comfort led to a series of nasty texts, Arafa and Comfort have not been on good terms, considering the fact that it was a conversation with Arafa that led to the fight.

Arafa stands on the fact that Comfort is judgemental and she doesn’t want to be friends with her because of this and Comfort stands on the fact that she should have not thrown her under the bus in her conversation with Tutupie.

In the end, they agreed to disagree that they both have wronged each other.

Samantha Thinks Arafa Is Two Faced

If there was one thing Samantha made clear in this episode, is the fact that she does not rate Arafa and that she thinks she is two-faced. At every point of the dinner conversation, Samantha had not taken Arafa’s apology to the ladies seriously.

A huge fight is on the way, and we are simply waiting for a time when all the housewives can reach a truce and just have fun with each other.

To catch up on all drama from this episode tune in to Showmax.

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