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RHOAbuja: Jaruma Brings Unnecessary Drama To The Housewives Lingerie Party

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The Housewives ordered a sex therapist, but they got drama, Jaruma style, at their lingerie party organised by Tutupie. The housewives who went on a staycation at a hotel on this episode of The Real Housewives of Abuja (RHOAbuja) started the night with intentions of fun, only for it to almost end in chaos.

RHOAbuja Jaruma
Arafa, OJ Posharella and Comfort. Photo: Showmax

For the third episode, we were introduced to Jaruma, a famous and controversial Aphrodisiac entrepreneur. She has made a name for herself by sharing controversial opinions on sex, lifestyle issues, and general gossip on social media.

Aside from Jaruma creating unnecessary drama with Princess Jecoco by insinuating that it was insulting for Princess to call her controversial or use the word ‘rubbish’ while talking to her, we got to know more about the other housewives.

Samantha Is The Resident Latecomer

The first time, it’s probably a mistake, but for three episodes straight, Samantha has made sure to always be the last person to come for every event. However, this time it became an issue as Tutupie had previously informed the Housewives that whoever got to their destination last would be sharing a room with another person.

Eventually, Samantha and OJ Posharella shared a room.

Tutupie Is A Drama Queen

Upon their arrival, the housewives were appreciative of the effort that Tutupie put into making sure that they got rooms that were to their taste, only for Tutupie to throw a tantrum because she felt the other ladies’ rooms were better than hers.

Typically, we would think that she was meticulous about picking the rooms, but it seemed the room choices were random, and she was slighted that she did not get the best room. For a host, that was not good enough behaviour because Comfort had to share her room with her just to appease her temper.

OJ Posharella Is Jaruma’s Godmother

It was shocking that in the middle of Jaruma’s unnecessary drama, she mentioned that Posharella was her godmother because they absolutely do not look like two people who have anything in common. Posharella is quite conservative in comparison to Jaruma.

But whichever it is, her godmother Posharella should have given her an earful for causing an unnecessary ruckus at someone else’s event and storming off when you were invited for work purposes.

Jaruma’s Sex for Dummies Guide

The housewives were bored out of their minds after Jaruma’s assistant, who replaced her after she stormed out, started giving them an elementary guide to the use of sex toys. From Arafa, who was openly rolling her eyes, to the distant expression on Comfort’s face and the look of ridiculousness on Samantha’s face, the housewives were having none of it.

After the sex therapist session, the housewives went on to have lots of fun, and it’s honestly the most fun that they’ve had together since the show started. Catch the full gist on episode 3 of the show exclusively showing on Showmax.

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