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Remember her? Amanda Acquah says she’s never dated a poor guy before

Follow @eventlabgh < Ex-wife of Kenpong, ex-wife of Afriyie Acquah, Amanda Acquah is back in the news and this time...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at April 23, 2017


Ex-wife of Kenpong, ex-wife of Afriyie Acquah, Amanda Acquah is back in the news and this time she has revealed that she has never dated a poor man in her life (but I’m sure we all kinda knew that already..hahaha). 

Speaking on Gh One TV’s Cheers, Amanda said right after breaking up with multimillionaire Kenpong (whom she met at the age of 17), she met her ex-husband Afriyie, who is also rich.

Amanda and Afriyie Acquah may no longer be together but Amanda made it clear to women who were listening to her to keep away from her “Monki” because he will always be hers. “We met on Skype, I just saw him standing there looking so tall, I was just looking at his six packs and his thighs and I was like Oh this guy! You are not going nowhere you are mine… all the girls should know he is still mine forever,” she said.

According to Amanda, the moniker ‘Monki’ is not a mockery of the footballer’s looks but a pet name they both agree on as Afriyie also calls her ‘Kusie'(Rat). She added “I even use to call Ken ‘Dzata’ (Lion) because he is very wild.”

Amanda also said their immaturity and inexperience in life attributed to them falling out with each other. According to her, money and fame had a role to play. She said “We got married when I was 24 and he was like 22 so we are both young young, that separation is very much needed. We need more time to grow and understand marriage … we didn’t really understand the meaning of marriage, especially for him … because I was married traditionally to Kenpong.”

Amanda also revealed that rich men really do come after her and Afriyie knows the sacrifices she made to be with him.

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