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Realness Corner With Fola Francis: Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2018 Day 3 Review

Follow @eventlabgh < Hey Starlights it’s another Realness Corner with Fola Francis. Ready to serve you all the hot tea...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at October 27, 2018


Hey Starlights it’s another Realness Corner with Fola Francis.

Ready to serve you all the hot tea from the day 3 of Lagos Fashion Week 2018.

I arrived to the street style with my gang Elizabeth and Opara boy around 6pm, and of course we did lots of press rounds because we looked like bombshells (okurrr!). The street style was filled with lewks👀

, I mean I saw more durags, exaggerated sleeves, aso oke, embellishments, and lot of guys even chose not to button their shirts, apparently that’s a new trend.

After the street style, we went in to chill at the coolest spot in LFW, “The Creators Lounge” by “The Assembly”. That space is a total vibe I tell you, there are bunch of creatives like yourself there, you can chill there, work, charge your devices, and even snack.

The shows started earlier compared to day 2’s. Before I dive deep into my review let me just say this, all the designers that showed on day 3 were amazing, their pieces were incredible.

I’m talking about Denike, Rich Mnisi, Tongoro, Bloke, Style Temple, and Odio Mimonet.

The designers that stood out the most for me are, Moofa, JZO, Ejiro Amos Tarifi, and Sunny Rose.

So let’s dive right into it.

What I loved the most about Moofa’s collection was how he played around with different types of fabrics and still told a story. I’m talking about fabrics like, Chiffon, Damask, Crepe, and Prints. I loved the ruffles, the plaited sleeves, the deep cold shoulders, the intricate jackets, and belts. One thing I didn’t like was the white hat the models all wore, it almost ruined their looks, but it didn’t.

Another designer I was rooting for was JZO. I always appreciate when designers reinvent their pieces without forgetting what it has always been about, and that was exactly what JZO did with the collection they showed. Some of the pieces were casual made with Adire, the black and white pieces were giving me subtle high fashion vibes. While others were giving me pure androgyny vibes, with their drapes, the see through sleeves, and the ponchos. The pieces were absolutely Bute.

Ejiro Amos Tafiri switched it up too last night, by introducing menswear into her collection, which she has never done before. And as far as I’m concerned, she killed it. She played around with lot of colours in this collection. We saw purple, green, Yellow, Fuchsia pink, lemon, nude, bronze gold, grey, baby pink, and some sparkles. But the star of her show was the mules and head-tie the models were rocking, they were made out of Aso-Oke and some other fabric I’m not sure about. I loved it.

The designer that blew me away the most has to be Sunny Rose. The way her collection was evolving on the runway took my breath away. She showed about 40 pieces and we were not bored for one second. I’ve never seen so many fringe like that put together quintessentially. The feathery lace, and the feather details on some pieces are to die for. The ear piece the models all had on, the tassels, the Aso-Oke pieces, the prints, the fully embellished Ankara pieces, and the red sparkling tight pants, were all amaze balls. Chilleee, I had multiple orgasms.

Lisa Folawiyo was the last designer that showed. Honestly I expected more from Lisa Folawiyo’s show because it was the closing show but it was just ‘meh’, nothing special, she always plays it safe with her clothing. In my opinion, her personal style is way better than that of her line.

So that’s all I got from the day 3 of Lagos Fashion Week 2018. Until tomorrow when I bring you tea from the finale.


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