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Ras Denroy Morgan featured on Amazon Prime produced by Aflik TV

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at January 3, 2019


Aflik TV is one of the largest digital distributors of videos on demand (VOD) bringing us Nollywood movies and other African inspired content. Most recently, Aflik TV produced Living Legend an original series on Amazon Prime, with Ras Denroy Morgan.

This series will provide an inside look into one of Jamaica’s legends, musician and producer. The series was created and directed by Akeju. Living Legend: Denroy Morgan will air January 3, 2019 and will take an intimate look into the life of Ras Denroy Morgan.

Ras Denroy Morgan discusses his journey to becoming a musician and producer, his current projects and his spiritual activism including the decriminalization of the herb. Ras Denroy Morgan was born in Clarendon, Jamaica and has been in the entertainment industry for many years.

He started as a musician, then producer and manager; he still maintains these roles. He is also a spiritual activist and shares his spiritual growth. Morgan is a versatile musician some of his hit songs are, “I’ll do Anything for You”, “Sweet Tender Love”, “Africa is Calling”, to name a few. He is the father of Grammy award winning reggae band, Morgan Heritage also known as the “Royal family of reggae”. During his interview he talks about the R & B dance song “I’ll do Anything for You” and how that came about.

He touches on the inspiration for “Africa is Calling”. Morgan shares, “Something is always going on in humanity to cause sufferation of our people. Africa is always calling…We have something to offer.” He shares some many other interesting messages in his interview.

Akeju, President and CEO of Aflik TV stated, “We want to highlight some of our other work outside of Nollywood movies. We created the Living Legend series; there are some many trailblazers I wanted to create a series to highlight them. Ras Morgan was selected because of his versatility and he promotes peace, love and family.” This Living Legend series with Ras Morgan was a collaboration with Kofi Bannerman, President of Restless Media. The Aflik TV team is looking forward to future collaborations. About Aflik TV The company has over 5,000 movies in distribution and over 10,000 in it’s portfolio.They are one of the largest producers and distributors of Nollywood movies and TV shows.

You can view their content on several major video stream platforms such as Amazon, Netflix, itunes, Hulu, and Vudu. Stay up to date on social media @AflikTV @rasdenroymorgan @officialakeju

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