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PHOTOS: smsGH rebrands to Hubtel

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at May 14, 2017


SMSGH has rebranded to Hubtel. The company which was founded in 2005, with the mission to make it easier for companies to connect with their customers officially announced the rebranding at a launch event at the Holiday Inn on Friday. 

According to Hubtel, the company helps ease the customer service challenges businesses face. From delivering millions of business-critical mobile alerts to pioneering mobile banking and online payments, it has continuously sought out the most effective engagement channels and crafted solutions around the most important pain points within our environment.


Hubtel is built on the singular belief that loyal customers build great businesses.  According to Alex Adjei Bram, Chief Executive Officer of Hubtel, the company has come to believe in customer service that blends neatly into the busy lives of consumers. With the help of  customers, it is on a mission to provide businesses with the tools to build lasting relationships with their customers. He said:

“Technology has changed our world so much, in so many ways. As populations everywhere expand, and the world economy grows, information technology will be our biggest and perhaps only promise of a well-organized society.”

“Think about it, our biggest problems here in Ghana are due to poor organization of information and poor organization of the things, events and activities around us.”

“Our new brand marks a new era in which we set higher standards and goals for the value we deliver to our customers as we continue to deepen our offering.”

“As Hubtel we have carefully reinvented our products into intuitive everyday services. Today we introduce our customers to our new Hubtel platform which hosts all our services, on one single integrated and user-friendly platform.”

Hubtel announced with the launch, new services or solutions including:

Unity – Leverage telco channels like free and premium SMS and USSD to deliver your services to customers

Notify -Enables bulk messaging to as many mobile subscribers via SMS and Voice.

POS – Enables businesses to manage inventory and accept payments via cash, mobile money and bank cards.

Gratis – Rewards loyal consumers for engaging and transacting with businesses that use Hubtel.

Ads – Businesses discover, find and engage new customers via Hubtel Ads.

Vend – Businesses leverage our fast- growing network of service points to deliver everyday convenience services.

Automate –  Facilitates the delivery of repeated future messages, reminders and prompts.

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