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PHOTOS: Nigerian actress and vixen, Ify Nancy Ubah leaves the internet in awe with her New Year pictures

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at January 6, 2018


Ify Nancy Ubah, an actress extraordinaire and a professional model extends her heart will wishes every citizen of Ghana particularly her friends and fans a very special new year greetings. She also expressed her appreciation for the love and support for watching her movies, likes, comments and shares on social media.I love You all so much!!!! God bless you abundantly, she added. The message was posted via her instagram page. She has casted in movies like Silver Productions “Not My Mind season 1 – 4”, God’s Favour Glob. IND. Ltd’s  “Softwork”, Da Governor Productions’ “Desperate Upcomers”, Beware (a movie about domestic violence and yet to hit TV screens). She has proved on countless occasions, not to be just woman (wife) of good character & virtue, creative actress cum a skillful runway model. Her works has survived the test of time.

Now, the nature of her caption triggered me to run a quick interview on her and to also throw more light on her career. 

Her response to the questions was  flabbergasting, here’s exactly what she said. “For a moment I thought I was in Nigeria my very first time of visiting Ghana. The reception they embraced me with is an occurrence I’ll always reminisce about all day everyday. Hope I’m not forgetting anything? oh! How can I forget their local dishes, the names I can’t tell. But Ghana jollof, is a no go area, I think I should relocate to Ghana soon”.

She developed such an explosive passion for modelling in her first year in the University. Runway modelling was her major passion and technical know-how. Other chances like been on cover for  magazines, commercials, video vixen and events fell in place automatically for her to embrace. She comes from a book long family where education comes first in every endeavor. With such a solid academic background, she developed high level of skill married with focus, determination, passion, blue sky concentration / thinking and identifying exactly who she wanted to be. She grew up in Lagos Nigeria (a family of 3 children). She had her tertiary education at The University of Lagos where she majored in banking and finance. That means aside her passion for acting and modeling she could possibly pursue an occupation in banking or any eminent business firm. Impressive, isn’t it,? 

Growing up was fun for her, because she had an opened space to play dress up, do make up with his brother, and practice cat walking in their sitting room. Truly, she was inspired when Agbani Darego Dantata won the Miss World 2001. Since then the zeal for pageantry was injected into her DNA. Due to her high level of desire for creative arts (acting & modeling) her cognomen in high school and her first year in the university was “Agbani Darego”

When you know your worth in life, you’ll definitely know how to survive. She attended every fashion forward and social event at The University of Lagos. Because of high demand for her passion and academics, she adopted a system of proper time management skills. According to her It was more of being able to master, juggling classes and modelling, runway rehearsals and maintaining a very good network of friends in modelling. Fans would ask, what made her so ambitious? Answer is simple, it’s been passion! passion!! passion!!! She says. And she kept evolving as the fashion industry grew as well as learning new aspects in both the fashion and movie industry. Due to her loaded time schedules, she always tried her possible best to schedule ahead of time. Amazingly, she’s just 18 months old in the industry and yes, she admits it has been very rewarding, successful journey so far regardless of the challenges and her influence on society has been positive. 

She’s a lover of good music, reading, learning new things and travelling. Knowing her passion, identifying her difference (passion & education), making definite decisions, sticking to it and above all committing all her affairs into the hands of God has been a her backbone from day one. 

Touching and improving lives, through what she does, being at the fore front and also helping others especially other women to stand strong in whatever career they choose is one of her greatest priorities as an individual. Thanks to the existence of technology, the Industry is bigger, with so many sides and there are more ways for film makers to generate income traditionally and via social media. Technology has played a key role in the development of every business industry has made things far better and very different now, you can connect more with fans and followers now via all social media platforms. She advices her heads in the Nigerian movie Industry to improve upon their copyright laws and encourage independent producers.

(Written by: John Claude Tamakloe) 

Source: Beenie Words

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