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Over 30 female artistes have contacted me to manage them – eShun’s Former Manager &CEO of Quophimens Music

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at October 9, 2019


The CEO of Quophimens Music and former manager of eShun has revealed that countless number of talented female artistes reach him almost everyday seeking his guidance as a manager.

Following the exit of award winning female songstress and ‘someone loves me’ hitmaker, eShun from Quophimens Music many have been wondering what is the music label’s next move.

Stephen Mensah aka Stephenison who is also an employee of GBC Radio Central in Cape Coast during an interview with Central Music Awards 2019 Best Presenter Nominee, Amansan Krakye, said

“Amansan, do you know that every single day I get numerous phone calls from a lot of female artistes who want me to sign them or manage them? So far more than 30 female artistes have contacted me.

“It’s not as if their not good enough. Some of them are even university graduates who have very quality vocals and apart from English, some are fluent and can sing in French which is an added advantage”.

When asked by Amansan Krakye why he hasn’t managed any female artistes since the departure of eShun, Stephen Mensah said

“The showbiz industry in Ghana is not all that a gainful venture as people perceive it to be. If you don’t take time you’ll push in more money than you can recoup as an investment”.

He went further to bemoan the lackadaisical attitude of government towards enrolling better policies in the creative and showbiz industry to improve the fortunes of the artistes.

“Why will government pay so much money to CNN to advertise the year of return when Sarkodie virtually did it for free on a big platform like BETAwards.

“But the big question is, what is government also doing to better the lives of these amazing talented folks in the creative industry?

“Why must those in the creative industry like Kohwe n co beg for help at the end of their career if we had good policies on retirement for them”.

Quophimens Music is currently promoting ‘we go blow’, a song by budding sensational new artiste known as LeFlyyy.

(Source: Amansan Krakye)

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