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Opinion: Chioma and Davido Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot, Mid At Best

Follow @eventlabgh < At first glance at the pictures from Chioma and Davido’s pre-wedding shoot, I thought it was okay;...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at June 24, 2024


At first glance at the pictures from Chioma and Davido’s pre-wedding shoot, I thought it was okay; after all, it was their love that really mattered. But let’s face facts and dig a little deeper: the photo shoot was mid at best. Trust me, I will dissect it thoroughly for you so you can see my point of view (POV) more clearly.

From the choice of their outfits to the backdrop/background, art direction and the final look, there were epic fails here and there… Welcome to my TED talk!


Someone described it as “basic and somewhat average!”

And before you come for us, think of how the 30BG Geng usually pulls up with diamonds, jaw-dropping designer outfits, and steeze that would cause you to freeze in awe.

They are always intense when outfits are involved, so imagine the shock when we see the simple designs Chioma and boo show up with for their much-anticipated pre-wedding shoot.

Chioma And Davido (Pre-wedding shoot)

The Photography

Clean images… check.

But the backdrop or background was beyond average. What happened to shooting in the great outdoors with a more scenic backdrop rather than the drab backdrops they ended up going with, which were essentially a letdown?

Let’s not even get started on the props. Who chopped off the lion’s head and put it on an aging stool and thought that it was a ‘great idea?’ It’s screaming no art direction and a huge failure to make any efforts on the part of the photography team.

Chioma And Davido (Pre-wedding shoot)

Like what happened to more colourful or imaginative backdrops? What happened to creative couple poses? What happened to adding spice to the set?

It’s like the theme for the shoot was “The Bare Minimum,” and to us, that’s a no-no when the 002 and 001 are involved.

The Location

Location is key, as well as concept.

This photoshoot could have been done in much better locations around Lagos. It could have been better planned and directed. While I am tempted to point out cooler locations, I will rest my case here because like I had stated above, the great outdoors would have been the best spot.

Hence, I will cap it with the fact that a location other than a stuffy studio, decorated with a lackluster backdrop and props that had seen better days, is definitely not cutting it.

Final Look

The question on my lips and those of my trusted audience is, ‘Was it even necessary?’ especially as it feels very forced and like a last-minute decision by our beloved couple.

Why do anything if you know you wouldn’t do it exceedingly well?

Chioma And Davido (Pre-wedding shoot)

I drop my mic here till the wedding tomorrow, though.

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