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Nollywood loses actress to undisclosed ailment

Follow @eventlabgh < Nollywood has been thrown into a state of mourning following the death of actress Nora Nkiruka Ugo. It...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at January 30, 2018


Nollywood has been thrown into a state of mourning following the death of actress Nora Nkiruka Ugo. It is gathered that the screen star died over the weekend while battling with an undisclosed ailment.

Actress, Ruth Kadiri who got hold of the news paid a tribute to her late friend and colleague. Here’s what she wrote;

“I’m so scared of putting this picture up, not sure if it’s the right thing to do. You were that girl that made my life change. U where that girl that made me laugh a lot you where that girl that I got so mad at.

You where that girl that was friend to all. I spoke to u last. Week. You were the strongest sick person I know. I’m hurt by your death. My head still aches. Wish death was a thing that could be undone.

I know God will have a new angel that makes him laugh all day and puts a smile on his face. Gone too soon. Rest in peace Nora. And look over all on earth that were genuinely connected to you. #RIPNora”

Tina Ugo, a friend of the decease also wrote a moving tribute on Facebook;


It’s been hard for us all to accept this reality. I’ve been in denial for two days hoping it’s all a dream or that you were playing us all one of your usual Pranks.

You were a TRUE FIGHTER, that fought so hard to live, but I guess the pains and discomfort became unbearable for you two days ago so you succumbed to Death.

Sleep well my SISTER, Nora Nkiruka Ugo, I’ll forever cherish the moments we had.


Kosorochi Chris also wrote;

“I remember the first time I met you on a movie set many years ago. Then I was still an assistant makeup artist. I was naive, scared to pieces especially when my Oga then would send me to make the ‘stars’ up, I would be fidgeting and uncomfortable because I didn’t want to mess up their beautiful faces, or the embarrassment they will give you as a new person. But Nora Nkiruka Ugo you were different. The moment you set your eyes on me it was instant love, you took me as your younger sister, most times you would drive me in your pink car to location to the envy of some crew members and of course I was feeling like a star. You made location fun and enjoyable in your cheerful and beautiful nature. I am still very speechless and lost of words. I don’t know how to express the ache I feel right now. Am sorry you left so soon my NorNor????????. I pray the good Lord accept your gentle soul and I pray for the grace and fortitude to bear this immeasurable lost for your family and friends????????????????????RIP Nora ????????????”

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