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Noble Igwe Captures 750 Smiles As He Tours The Nation Sharing Happiness With Maltina

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 11, 2018


With over 200 million people and 400 ethnic groups, Nigeria is blessed with a diverse group of people. However, despite our differences, few things bring us together like a good laugh. In spite of our socio-economic issues, Nigerians are wholly happy people, and you never have to search for too long to find a smiling face.

In celebration of this, and as part of Maltina’s theme of sharing happiness, the premium malt drink has partnered with fashion enthusiast, Noble Igwe to go on a tour of the country and capture 1000 smiles.

We have crossed the 750 mark and here are some of the smiles we have captured:

The Contagious Smile

Just as the name implies, the “Contagious” smile is that smile that just makes you smile in return. Even when you’re having a really bad day, this is the kind of smile that makes you suspend your worries and flex those facial muscles. The contagious smile creates a resounding ripple effect. If you come across a contagious smile, odds are you would be smiling too.


The Energetic Smile

An Energetic smile, an almost forced expression of joy. A bold smile, which involves the total use of your facial muscles and when you see someone smile with so much energy, it’s hard not to return the favour.


The Affectionate Smile

The affectionate smile is a kind of smile that makes you think of home, it gets you nostalgic bringing back memories of the first time you received a smile of gratitude from a loved one or the first time you saw that beautiful, glamorous looking girl you like. It comes from a place of love.


The  Victorious Smile

That smile that comes with the song “Victory Is Mine”. There is a particular feeling that comes from working so hard and attaining the fruit of labour. The moment you have been able to achieve a set goal which involved intensive effort, a smile of victory is needed.


The Glowing Smile

That moment your face radiates happiness because you’re genuinely happy about your life. That bright and shiny smile that tells the world you are confident and truly believe you can do anything in life.


The Captivating Smile

That soul-stirring smile that allows you to attract new people. That moment you walk into a room with a charming smile and everyone wants to be around you.


The Subtle Smile


We all have the internal beauty contained within each and every one of us, that good that makes us loved and acceptable amongst our friends and often with loved ones. The subtle smile is one which radiates that inner beauty and projects a combination of great qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses. We all have that subtle smile inside of us, we just have to let it show.


The Eccentric Smile

Life isn’t perfect, however true joy isn’t often from an absence of struggles and challenges, but rather from a place of content and appreciation for life. Despite the hardship and challenges, the eccentric smile is the type that gets us through these moments.

So there you have it, as we commemorate the 750 smiles milestone, these are the various beautiful smiles, but we aren’t done yet, we are on a greater mission to complete 1000 smiles. So Nigeria .. keep smiling with Maltina.

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