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Nigerians Are Worried About Kayan Mata, Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at February 13, 2020


There has been an influx of Kayan Mata vendors across social media in recent months but their motives have got people worried. There is a strong debate over the purpose of the products, particularly whether they’re much more than just harmless aphrodisiacs. We have dug deep to shed light on the mystery around the much talked about Kayan Mata, and this piece should clear some of the confusion surrounding the products.

What is Kayan Mata?
Kayan Mata refers to herbs, roots and potions that act as sex or love enhancers and aphrodisiacs. It is a combination of herbs, fruits and spices that are used to heighten the sexual feelings of someone’s partner. There is also a version of the aphrodisiacs for men called ‘Kayan Maza’.

The history of Kayan Mata dates back to over 500 years ago when women from Northern Nigeria developed these aphrodisiacs to improve their sexual relations in marriage. It literally translates to ‘women things/property’.

It could be in the form of powders, sweets, sex drops, lubricants, perfumes, makeup, herbs, sweetener powders, spices, and objects. There are variants of Kayan Mata available for different reasons. The most common is the simple sex enhancer, used by a woman to heighten the sexual pleasure between her and her partner. However, more versions of the aphrodisiac have been created. Gbemi and Toolz found out on their “Off Air” show that there is a special Kayan Mata created to charm a man and keep him only attracted to his woman.

They found out from an unnamed Kayan Mata specialist they called during the show that with 50,000 naira, they can get different types of the special aphrodisiac. She told them, “there is a set that you can use, that particular set is a specific kind of set in powdered form. It comes with a key, it comes with instructions, the instruction is long. You follow the instruction and then call his name, do some talking… and then you keep it. Sometimes they say throw it away, but I don’t advise you to throw it away. I advise you to keep it somewhere safe. Tomorrow, you might decide to say I don’t want this man, then you go unlock it. There is another one, you add water to his food.” She also talked about attraction oils and powders. These items were meant to make a man love a woman more and make her wish – his command.

Where Can You Get It?
The best Kayan Mata can be found in states like Sokoto, Kebbi, Katsina, Abuja, etc. They can also be found on social media platforms, particularly Instagram. There are different classes of Kayan Mata available, with prices ranging from 10,000 naira from cheaper vendors like KMS Empire to 100,000 naira from more expensive vendors like Jaruma Empire.

The Sex Enhancer Versus The Voodoo
Kayan Mata was initially created to only heighten sexual pleasure but it has become so much more than it was intended with time. There is the belief that it is some form of voodoo but the claims are unfounded.

Some women genuinely use Kayan Mata for their enhancing qualities to make sex amazing and ensure that their partners stay faithful. Conversely, there are claims that some women use Kayan Mata to hypnotise and control the men they want to be with. They claim to use the herbs to control a man’s emotions, particularly in order to fleece him financially.

Health Implications
When Kayan Mata is truly made from fruits and herbs, they can be of great benefit to the health. One of its prominent ingredients, Kunun Aya (Tiger nut milk) is known for its many health benefits. However, other forms that may require body violation are bad for your health.

Doctors warn that anything that has to be inserted or clipped in a woman should be discouraged as they can tear the cervical tissues or risk cervical cancer. If it must be used, the woman has to ensure that she uses an unadulterated mix to be sure that she is safe.

Social Implications
When women use Kayan Mata solely for its benefits of sexual pleasure, it speaks to the fact that they know what they need to be satisfied. Contrary to social construct, females are very expressive sexual beings and the use of the aphrodisiac is simply as a result of the desire for sexual gratification.

When it is used in ways other than those originally intended – whether it’s to trap a man or induce possessiveness, then it becomes a problem. However, specialists maintain that the original Kayan Mata is not fetish and there is a logical explanation for the attachment that occurs after a woman uses it on her partner.

When NET spoke with a Kayan Mata expert in 2018, Aminat Ayeni, she clarified that the aphrodisiac is not fetish. She said, “When your pussy is off the hook, and it’s on point, your pussy is clean, tight, fluffy, what else – it’s wet, it’s juicy, please tell me why a guy would not want to literally die there. Do you understand what I mean? It’s nothing to do with being fetish… It’s just about looking after your vagina and your lady bits. So, there is no guy that will obviously sleep with a woman that has good pussy and just leave her. The pussy will be ringing on his mind like 24/7. He will become more possessive, he’d want to have sex with you more often, so it’s not fetish.”

Kayanmata is an age-long tradition, created to help women maintain stability in their marital homes. Women all over the country crave this stability and this is one of the reasons the aphrodisiac is quickly becoming a national item. Women are now more in tune with their bodies and are craving good sex. The fact that its sale is on the rise is proof that women will put a price on good sex and stability.

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