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Nigerian Music Star Darey Talks About His Father’s Influence On His Music

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at October 6, 2020


One may wonder why and how Darey is the man he is today, well, it is not far-fetched. The Illustrious son of the legendary jazz singer, the late Art Alade, describes his father as his hero. It is very easy to think that his love for music and his career in music was genetically transmitted from his father.

The Nigerian born multi-platinum Afro&B singer-songwriter speaks very highly of his late father, recounting how at an early age, he always followed his father to concerts and rummage through his jazz collections before he started to hone his own skills.

As he gears up to release his newest album after a 5-year hiatus, he reveals his relationship with his father was pretty much symbiotic and the spellbinding quality he had still intrigued Darey till date. “I’m still in awe [of him]. I don’t think I can really understand how much of an enigma he was. A lot of things that I’ve learned about him have been after his demise,” Darey says.

Darey also shares that he got enviable wisdom and strength to navigate through life from his father.
Darey’s relationship with his father has a lovely balance to it with the latter influencing the former in many ways and still leaving him with some room for self-development – this is evident in Darey’s venture away from the shadows of his father to become recognised as his own person.

We love how Darey has built his own legacy, however, not without making reference to his late father, who was a revered Nigerian music legend.

Darey shares this and many more in his new web series called “Way Home”
Want to see more of this? then head over to Dare’s Youtube!

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