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Nigerian Idol: Your Favorite Contestants Splashed Colors On Last Sunday’s Live Show

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at June 2, 2021


Last Sunday, the Nigerian Idol stage was filled with colors as the contestants stepped out in their Bigi flavors-inspired outfits. Each of the final 8 contestants gave their interpretations of the different flavors and all dazzled in their stunning fits.

The theme for the night was “Hits From The Year I Was Born”. And not only did the contestants impress with their performances, but they also came to SLAY!.

Here’s a look at everything they wore!.


The 16-year-old looked right at home on stage in a stunning strapless red dress fit for the Oscars red carpet. The sequin dress featured a detachable train that even further elevated the glamorous look. She paired the dress with silver heels and dangly earrings, finishing off with a sleek ponytail. We can’t wait to see what she’d pull from the closet this Sunday.


If simplicity were a person, it’d definitely be Kingdom. He rocked a navy blue suit which featured a white lining on the shoulders, paired with a tie-dye blue shirt and black shoes. Safe to say that Kingdom “blue” us away with both his look and his performance.


Week after week, Francis’ choice of attire has always made him stand out. But, this week, he looked like a “bad boy from Jamaica” with his ripped jeans, white shirt, and blue denim jacket. His performance was also impressive and, we can’t wait to see what he wears this Sunday.

Faith Jason

Rocking a shiny black suit paired with visible white socks, Faith delivered a stunning rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘You are not Alone’ that left us breathless. We absolutely can’t wait to see more of him.


Every week, Emmanuel’s outfit always reflects his personality and performance. Singing “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal, it was only expected that Emmanuel’s black suit has a trail of red roses around it. Let’s not forget the big gold piece on his neck and the cowries in his hair. Emmanuel’s drip needs to be studied because how can someone look so simple yet so stylish. He killed this one!


The 18-year-old dazzled her way through the stage in a sequined silver mono strap dress. Serving us curves and beauty, Comfort paired her dress with silver jewelry and gave us a beautiful ‘shuku’ hairstyle to finish. Talk about a perfect “melanin drip.” As always, her smile was the best accessory for the night, and we can’t wait to see what she shines next week.


Akunna gave us a loud bang with that green annand gold jumpsuit. . From her makeup to her hair, down to her performance for the night, all we can say is Aku definitely understood the assignment!

Make sure you tune in next Sunday on Dstv channel 151 to see what your faves have in store for you. For more information, visit, or You can catch up on all the behind-the-scenes action, trivia games involving the contestants, and reactions to eviction announcements by checking out “Countdown to Showtime,” which airs from Monday to Saturday exclusively on Showmax.

































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