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Nana Boroo, Use Your Brains And Stop Stealing Songs – J.A Adofo’s Son

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at August 2, 2019


Nana Boroo, the musician who once upon a time graced our ears with his song “Aha y3 d3” and “B3bia so so” went off the radar for some time and has brought an even bigger tune he calls “Fine Boy”. After the audio and visual release of the song, “Fine Boy” has received an impressive amount of air play both on t.v and on the radio. Everyone but one person seems to be enjoying the new music from Nana Boroo.

The son of legendary highlife musician J.A Adofo is very vexed with the song Nana Boroo has put out. To him, he feels the song is too similar to the work his father released some years back and is accusing Nana Boroo of stealing a song his father worked hard to produce.

In a video shared on social media, the angry son of J.A Adofo, Adofo Jr. told musicians to be hardworking and create their own legacies rather than being lazy and sampling music from old school. In the video he is seen playing the two songs separately to further prove his claim that Nana Boroo indeed stole the song from his father.

“Don’t use your will to do anything you want. Someone has worked hard to produce music and you want to use his hard work to feed your pockets. Nana Boroo claims the song is from his creative prowess as an artiste but the Fans of my dad please listen to both music and judge for yourself. Why won’t you work hard and create yours? You are always sampling music from the old school into your music and that is not good” he said.

According to the son of J.A Adofo he is going to take Nana Boro on and is willing to fight to whatever end for his father’s song.


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