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My Son Goes To School On A Public Bus – Doja Allen On Why It Is Important To Instill Good Values In Children

Follow @eventlabgh < By Njideka Akabogu | February 7, 2017 City 105.1 FM’s Managing Director, Doja Allen as a guest on TVC’s breakfast show,...

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City 105.1 FM’s Managing Director, Doja Allen as a guest on TVC’s breakfast show, ‘Your View’ on Wednesday, 25th of January, 2017 spoke about the challenges that come with being a successful professional woman and mother in Nigeria today.

Speaking on the upbringing of her children, Doja said she doesn’t take her family for granted. “I have help but I am very involved with what my husband and children do, I intentionally make time to celebrate remarkable days and create bonding environment for my husband and children ” she said.

While she acknowledged that it is difficult for her to manage both the intense personal and work demands, she has since managed to find a balance and work it out by putting some measures in place for instance “I make my son use BRT from school”, she said as she tries not to spoil her two children and makes sure they remain grounded.

In her words, “It might seem drastic but I had to take that decision and I have the driver ride with him everyday… You don’t have to go to school in a Prado before you think that you can make it in life”. Doja further explained that her decision to make her son ride the bus is motivated by the need to instill good values in him and make him a better person and even a role model to others.

Doja refreshingly did not sugarcoat the challenges that so many professional women struggle with today and how she manages them showing that the “personality of the month” title bestowed on her on the show is well earned. She however praised her husband for being a fantastic and understanding partner and his help with parenting of their children.

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