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My Love Letter to Bola Ray & EIB Network at 5 – DJ PremierGH writes

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at July 29, 2019


I was scanning through my TV channels and I chanced on GH-One TV broadcasting live the 5th Anniversary of EIB Network. So much run into my mind as I watched the ceremony on TV.
Several questions came into mind and several lessons I deduce from watching this.
I’m that “one person” who’ve always liked and admire the EIB group, because I see them to be a group of bold people who’ve determined to make a positive impact with their medium.
    Despite the challenges, the ups and downs, the storms we’ve seen them go through, EIB has indeed proven to some of us how strong they can be and are trying their best to withstand and survive amidst the storm.

What went through my mind?
I witnessed the launch of EIB Accra & Kumasi 5 years ago and I must confess, it was wrapped up in colorful pageantry!!!
And the class of people who were invited, including those who weren’t invited but attended as well wishers.
5 years on, as I watched on TV their anniversary ceremony which wasn’t having the same hype, pomp and pageantry around it, all I could do was just sigh and say “wow”

Lessons learnt
What I saw this morning, I realized some people will always be loyal no matter what! And that’s what I saw the minister of information Kojo Oppong Nkrumah exhibit, he could have given the excuse that there was going to be a budget reading hence, he cannot make it but he defied all odds and even gave a speech, God bless you Honorable for that.

Some people may be your friends today, some people may be popular today but not all of them can be pacesetters in terms of business set ups, not all of them really support whatever dream or agenda you have, some just think about themselves & what benefits they’ll derive from their relationship with you.

 Be cautious when considering near and dear ones for business opportunities even when they’re capable, because some may thrive on their relationship with you and mess you up. 
Every business will go through some “stormy times” but how to deal with the challenges by staying strong and focused can get you to your destination. I commend Team EIB for how strong some of them have stayed all these while, the maturity with which they’ve stayed put not making the whole world know they may be in crisis, kudos to you guys!!!

Final lesson, not all those who make merry with you when all is well, may be with you when the storm comes.

To the Owners of EIB

I’m by this post, pleading with the owners of EIB to either inject money again into the business or find investors to push money back into it, because I think they’ve built an enviable brand that with just a little financial push, can possibly push them beyond their competitors in the next 3 to 5 years.

To Bola Ray
One person I’ve admired from afar for years have been Bola Ray, He’s really earned my respect for haven stayed behind with the brand and hoping to succeed. I remember the first time I met him at a friend’s wedding, he gave me a warm reception and after introducing myself, the first thing I funnily told him was “I’m the next host of Starr Chat” and we laughed it off.

I share your pain of the disappointments you’ve had from “friends & colleagues” you had hope to build this dream with but who unfortunately aren’t part of the journey you’re embarking on today, you should just accept it as they came to play their roles they’ve been destined to play in your life so you shouldn’t hold on to it.

Bola, the challenges you face as a C.E.O today, is all a part of the plan God has for you, people have to see you struggle so that when the tables turn, your story will be an inspirational one to others (observers) and your story will have witnesses who will testify so don’t give up, because “Every master was once an apprentice” without these challenges, your story will not be sweet to tell.

As EIB Network turns 5 today, I say….congratulations!!! and cheers to more years of success!

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